10 Quick-Fix Mobile Games (Part 2)

This article is a continuation piece, if you’d like to see the first part then you may do so by clicking this state-of-the-art internet instant teleportation device. If you’ve already read the first portion then I’m sure you’re patiently reading through all this text to find out which games are coming next (sarcasm). Without further stalling we jump into:

6. Dumb Ways To Die
(Arcade/Puzzle Game)
App Store / Google Play / AmazonAppStore

The world’s largest assembly of buffoons!

Dumb Ways To Die is a plethora of mini-games squeezed into a brightly colored and highly intoxicating app. You complete various tasks to reach your goal of unlocking the next character at the train station while learning what not to do. As you get further in the game, point-wise, the tasks much be completed at an ever quickening pace.

16How fast can you NOT press this button?

Some of the games are incredibly easy, some will have you frantically trying to get by. Don’t push the red button, wipe off the vomit, stand back from the train tracks, keep your helmet on in space, and many other oddities await you. You eventually unlock the song, which is far too catchy to ever forget. There is also a sequel Dumb Ways To Die 2: The Games which I have yet to play, but downloaded, and is currently only available on the App Store.

All of these are indeed… dumb ways to die…

7. Badland
(Action/Adventure Game)
App Store / Google Play / Windows Phone / Blackberry World / AmazonAppStore

All the colors, all the black, all the furry little critters.

This game is literally award-winningly good, it received the Satellite Award for Best Outstanding Mobile Game in 2014. Badland is an “atmospheric action side-scroller adventure game” that is reminiscent of Limbo and similar adventure games. You control a little creature that’s practically a fuzzy blob that can fly by flapping it’s arms. This creature traverses the Badland’s universe through any means necessary, whether it’s become the size of a pea or half the screen. You pick up various orbs that change your character and effect it’s movement. Some make you roll, some make you fat, some speed you up and some slow you down.

The eye-ball looking blob creates copies of your character, but only one must survive.

The atmosphere of this game is one of the biggest appeals, it’s just beautiful to look at. The developers, Frogmind, wanted to create an immersive experience and succeeded without huge 3D intensive graphics. Various obstacles and traps await your furry little friend. With simple controls and a physics based game-style this game is addicting for all ages and ingeniously fun. Check out Badland for a completely unique gaming experience, even hardcore gamers will come to know this game by name.4

OH MY GOD. Those poor… things.

8. Cytus
(Rhythm Game)
App Store / Google Play / PS Vita

Touch anywhere to start, including her.

Do you like rhythm games? Do you like awesome music? Then you should absolutely check out Cytus, one of the best rhythm games available for mobile play. The mechanics of the game are a little weird at first, and sometimes the flurry of notes to hit can be overwhelming but I assure you it’s worth it. I’ve always been a fan of rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution, StepMania, and Guitar Hero but nothing was ever available in your hands and designed so well. Cytus is a unique addition to the list and the only game that comes close to comparison with it’s style is DJMax Technika, which I’m sure most of you have and never will hear of.

Tap, tap tap, swipe, hold, tap, miss, miss, tap…

The music is one of the biggest components of the game, unlike the for-mentioned Groove Coaster where songs can sound very “cheesy”, Cytus brings an original set of songs for each “Chapter”. Genres range from Dubstep to Orchestral pieces. The music of Cytus is absolutely incredible. As mentioned before, the game-play can be confusing and sometimes hard to see which notes to hit at the right time. With a little practice you can jump from horribly easy songs to faster and harder levels. Check Cytus out!

9. Smash Hit
(Arcade Game)
App Store / Google Play

Break the glass with balls of steel.

This will undoubtedly be the shortest review in the article, but it shouldn’t be measured by it’s length but by it’s balls. Smash Hit is an arcade styled smashing experience. You traverse through a weird dimension and smash glass to either get more balls, or to make sure you don’t run into glass, and you open doors sometimes. You can unlock continuations if you buy the full version, but nothing else comes with it. See how far you can get, smash it with this smashing hit! Enough of the puns, go check this game out and you’ll either love it or hate it, I loved it!

You can finally break all the windows you’ve ever wanted!

10. Lumosity
(Puzzle/Brain Trainer)
App Store / Google Play


I’m sure most of you have heard or seen Lumosity commercials, stating that it’s “not just games, it’s games for your brain” or something similar. Well they are right, these games will help you focus if all else fails. I’m not sure how much it will really improve your brain but they are fun and easy to play mini-games. If you like learning and trying to top your own high scores then this will be great for you, or your children, or what have you. You can sync your account with the Lumosity website, and continue to advance your mental prowess. From picking out the direction of an object, to memorizing the last card shown, these games are addicting and enjoyable. Even if the “daily workouts” are a gimmick to think you’re getting smarter it’s still extremely enticing to play. Check out Lumosity, the Leading Brain Training App of the internet.

You can read the directions, if you can’t then this isn’t the game for you.

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