Calling All Dreamers: Oblivion Comics & Coffee

Last Token Gaming has always been about two key beliefs: being objective in everything that we write, and supporting our local community. We’ve also always been about one other belief: to support our community in pursuing their passions.

Here in Sacramento, there’s currently a contest going known as the “Calling All Dreamers” contest.  From the site:

“Our goal is simple. We want to foster Sacramento’s entrepreneurial spirit and cultivate the next generation of dreamers in Downtown Sacramento. The Shark Tank-style competition encourages entrepreneurs to compete for the chance to open a downtown storefront and earn a coveted business start-up package with essential resources and tools to turn their dream into reality.”

One of these stores looking to win is Oblivion Comics & Coffee, a store where you can read comics and be able to drink fine gourmet coffee! Oblivion Comics & Coffee got its name from the “Oblivion Bar”, a place that was a neutral safe zone for both heroes and villains in the DC Comic Book Universe.  Not only that, but the place is furthermore looking to host and foster local events in the downtown Sacramento area like the Farmer’s Market, Sacramento Comic Con, and local charity drives.

The winner of the “Calling All Dreamers” competition gets $110,000 invested into their dream, a small cash prize, and a storefront in the downtown Sacramento area.

Voting is pretty easy: follow the link below, select Oblivion Comics & Coffee from the dropdown box, enter your email address, and click submit. The voting process also allows you to use as many email addresses as you’d like! The contest also ends May 31st, so we have plenty of time to share this and spread the word.

Let’s help someone in our community achieve their dream! Please share and help us make Oblivion Comics & Coffee a dream come true!

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And the video pitch from Oblivion Comics & Coffee:

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