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On New Year’s Eve, Terry and Marshall fittingly wound down the old year and began the new one by appreciating what Last Token Gaming had accomplished in 2015, and then discussing what we should aim for in 2016. While Marshall farted around on Skyrim before briefly sampling his new Grateful Dead concert Blu-Ray, we bounced around from one idea to the next.

At one point, we discussed fan interaction. One of the great joys of 2015 was the increased level of interaction we got from readers on our Facebook posts. Whether you seconded our opinions or challenged them, we cherished everything you had to say. Often, your comments furthered our written reviews in ways we hadn’t considered, but wished we had included after you pointed them out.

As we reflected on this, we then came up with a huge idea for 2016: Opening Last Token Gaming up to the fans as writers! We’ve always had an open freelance policy, and have published some excellent pieces by friends of ours. But more than ever, we’re encouraging you loyal supporters to join in the fun and contribute content about anything you’re passionate about. Whether it’s a review of a current AAA title, inducting a classic into the Hall of Fame, writing a nostalgia piece, or even a Just Play of a certain game, we want to see what you all can contribute!

First off, we feel this creates a more complete rapport between LTG’s staff and fans. Rather than have there be a de facto wall that separates Last Token Gaming’s community into the staff that publishes material and the fans who enjoy it, this would make the LTG experience even more interactive. Our own tagline states that we’re all about community, and allowing our fans to have a chance to write we feel creates that. This also allows us to help you as writer to work on your craft if you’d like. We’re all about helping you find your voice, how to shape your articles or points to elaborate on, and so on.

To be clear, this isn’t a paid opportunity or position. While Last Token Gaming has grown rapidly in just over two years, this site is still very much a passion project and a labor of love. We’re working tirelessly to get LTG to the point where it’s hugely recognized and profitable. But for now, we’re still on the upswing in our relatively early stages. All the same, it’s an ideal time to contribute whether you want to join the staff or just do a freelance piece whenever you want.

This is also a non-obligatory concept; we’ve always been about the quality of work, and not the quantity. We’re huge supporters of having you not only take the time you need to craft your piece, but to also enjoy writing it. We also don’t want you to feel as if you have to keep writing if you do not want to. However, we’d love to see more of your work should you feel up to it.

If you’ve got an idea for a review you’d like to write, or even a video you want to record, contact us at: We value your support tremendously, and can’t wait to see what you have to contribute.


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