Club Nintendo Reminder

By Sean Willis

I’m sure you all have heard but I’m gonna remind you all anyway.

Nintendo’s loyalty rewards program Club Nintendo is closing shop (to be replaced by another program they say) and the final set of rewards are up this week.

However due to high demand the site goes down occasionally so be sure to be extra patient, refresh now and then and plan out what you’ll grab.

If you aren’t signed up and have a buncha codes to enter don’t fret as you have till the end of March to sign up, enter and get coins to redeem.

We have till the End of June to spend those coins then Club Nintendo is gone for good. (again to replaced by something else, something tied to our Nintendo IDs no doubt)

So find those club nintendo code cards, shake down you’re family for codes they most likely aren’t using as this is the last chance you’ll have.

Some nice items are up for the US one and plenty of digital rewards.
Starting at about 150 points so it might not be too easy to get plenty of rewards even if ya scramble but its something.

There is a list over here on Reddit which can be quite handy while the site traffic forces the website offline now and then.

Personally I want that Majora’s Mask bag or at least that 3DS XL pouch but way too pricey for me. Perhaps I’ll just grab a few digital games I don’t already have.

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