“Crumple” release coming this fall!

Earlier this year, we had the privilege of interviewing Gabriel Gutierrez of Nascent Games. Among the many things we discussed, one of the most important was his indie game Crumple, which has been in development for several years. A couple weeks ago, Gabe messaged us to confirm that the game will be fully released sometime this fall! As the release approaches, Last Token Gaming will update periodically about it, leading up to an honest review of the finished product.

Given our site’s dedication to spotlighting indie devs, as well as our coverage of the local Sacramento gaming scene, we’re excited to see Crumple get its proper release. Without a doubt, it’s just one of many big titles coming from the ever-exploding pool of talent here in the River City.

If you haven’t played the game’s demo on Newgrounds yet, check out the link below:


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