E3 Preview – 2015 Edition

By the Last Token Gaming Staff

With so many rumors running around the internet like children high on candy, it goes to show just how big E3 gets every year. There’s also an unabashed excitement for the conference; the anticipation of major announcements, the possibility of old franchises being revived, or of new exciting IPs, it’s an endless list! That being said, we at Last Token Gaming are way too excited for this upcoming E3, and we’re equally excited to post our predictions about what’s being discussed at E3. Here’s our predictions on what’s going to be said…and maybe what might be left out:

Terry: There’s already so much to be so excited about as E3 looms around the corner! Fallout 4, Uncharted Collection and the 4th installment, not to mention new current-gen consoles with more storage! However, it feels like everyone’s keeping a tight lid on the big announcement they hope to rattle fans. So I’m going to go to the extreme here and predict the following: Playstation is going to announce God of War 4 and update us on the vaporware known as The Last Guardian, Nintendo is going to announce the new Legend of Zelda Wii U with extensive gameplay footage, and Microsoft is going to unveil Mass Effect 4. Why? Because these games have received little to no coverage over the last year even though we’ve known about each for quite some time. With the current console library not too heavy with memorable games to choose from, each of these games would definitely generate interest and business. Plus, we’re going to see the Amiibo train never ending with more getting announced. Get ready for all 650 pokemon!

Get ready for more Amiibos. More. Moooorrreeee!!!!!

Get ready for more Amiibos. More. Moooorrreeee!!!!!

Marshall: Especially with so many huge reveals to anticipate this year, I absolutely hate to start off as the Debbie Downer here, but the first thing to note about E3 isn’t what will be, but rather what won’t. I’m of course talking about the saddening absence of Sega, who won’t be having a booth at the ultimate gaming expo this year for the first time ever. Any way you slice it, it’s a painful symbol of the former gaming giant’s decline, and will no doubt be a somber elephant in the room in Los Angeles.

Beyond that, I’m all smiles as we close in on E3 in this mammoth year of 2015. While 2014 was significant in gaming’s trajectory with the next wave of consoles, I couldn’t help but feel the list of “spectacular” titles released last year wasn’t quite as overwhelming as it could have been. 2015 is already loaded with so many blockbusters that it’s hard to remember them all at once, and E3 will only add to that, as well as get us ginned up for some great things in 2016 and beyond.

As for my “wild card” predictions? Well, I have to second Terry on Nintendo announcing a next-gen Zelda. It’s overdue and everyone knows it, no one more so than Nintendo themselves. In the much more overdue realm, we’ll see fantastic progress on the upcoming Star Fox for Wii U. I think we’ll also be blown away by great news about Street Fighter V, which is speculated to be released in March of 2016. Otherwise, I’m pretty content with whatever else is announced. I know I’m already getting Star Wars: Battlefront, Batman: Arkham Knight and Metal Gear Solid V, and that’s before I shit at least three pairs of pants from the Fallout 4 announcement video. I really, really can’t ask for more when I put it that way. But I still insist E3 give me more, damnit!

(Like, you know…….Half-Life 3?)

OK OK, maybe not HL3. But a next-gen Zelda seems to be in the cards.

OK OK, maybe not HL3. But a next-gen Zelda seems to be in the cards.

Jake: There are too many reasons to get excited for E3 (great, now I want to check out Fallout 3 to get on the hype train for Fallout 4). Nintendo is certainly keeping a tight lid on all of their upcoming titles, so hopefully, they will reveal the gameplay demo of Star Fox Wii U in addition to giving their updates on Yoshi’s Wooly World and Legend of Zelda Wii U. Since Nintendo’s having a Super Smash Bros. themed Nintendo Direct stream, they probably won’t provide any updates on that.

The one game that I am very curious to see more of (aside from hopefully Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem) is the upcoming Doom from id Software/Bethesda. I hope that there will be an update on showing more footage. I have always enjoyed Doom 3 and I’m curious to see more of what the upcoming title has to offer.

If there is one game that I am aching for more than anything else, Square Enix is overdue to show any updates for Kingdom Hearts 3. Hell, they provided a demo for Final Fantasy 15 and they were working on both KH3 and FF15 at one point. They have been trying to keep a tight lid on the development of KH3, with the exception of one or two minor updates.

If we've gotten a demo of FFXV, why not some love for the long-awaited KH3 as well?

If we’ve gotten a demo of FFXV, why not some love for the long-awaited KH3 as well?

Sean: This year seems like it is going to be somewhat interesting. I’m still hoping for some Steam Box information though only a few projects might go on about it but eh, I’ll take it. I read a rumor about another hand held Steam machine on the show floor, eh, not enough info but hoping for it. I’m mostly keeping my eye on Nintendo once again, I just have to see some StarFox and that new game project by Retro Studios. Fallout 4 and Doom 4 should be nice but I’m not too excited for it. Nothing new there but lots of good, so ya, already just gonna buy those anyway. Doom 4 maybe, Brutal Doom is pretty good ya know, do I really need another official doom? I really hope Doom 4 turns out right (with mod support). Sega booth should be really great this year when they announce the Dreamcast 2 and and…. okay enough of that, they are not at E3 this year, just feels so wrong, miss them. Guess Nintendo will be taking their space now. Nintendo-wise the NX is likely gonna be a tablet. Really hope that it’ll have game buttons but eh, it’s for the casuals I’m sure. I’m also looking forward to all the mishaps Microsoft, Sony and Ubisoft will provide us. I just have a feeling they are gonna do something funny. Maybe not Sony though, they seem to have their head on straight this time but the other two, eh it’ll be interesting. On a final note, some more indie games might pop up too and Oculus Rift info. Overall, should be an interesting event.


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