Good News Everyone! Last Token Gaming is headed to Sac Gamers Expo…as members of the press!!!!

Hello everyone! Lead editor Marshall Garvey here with an exciting announcement:

We’ve received our first ever press badges!!!!

That’s right! While LTG has covered many conventions this year, including the first ever TwitchCon and even San Diego Comic Con, we attended those as volunteers or regular visitors. But on December 13th, myself, Isaac Smith, Terry Randolph, and Sean Willis will be covering Sac Gamers Expo with official press badges.

And man, is this just the convention for our first official press coverage. Not only will there be vendors, panels and gaming tournaments galore, but there will be many esteemed guests, including Roger Craig Smith (voice of Sonic, Chris Redfield in “Resident Evil” and Ezio in “Assassin’s Creed”), Andrew Meadows (Black Nerdy Comedy), and local Sacramento gaming figures like Videogame BANG! and Brian Linville of Stigma Games. To say the least, we’ll be giving it our all to cover every last bit, and bring you some great written and recorded coverage.

Most importantly, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for supporting us. 2015 has been a year full of milestones and fantastic moments for Last Token Gaming, and this is a huge one to cap off the year. We hope to see you at the expo! For more info about it, here’s its official site:

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