Happy Holidays! And Merry Christmas from Last Token Gaming!

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Merry Christmas! Happy holidays everyone!

Seriously, it’s been a hell of a year for Last Token Gaming…if you would’ve asked me merely six months ago if this site would’ve gotten as far as it has in such a short span I’d tell you not at all. In fact, I can still remember the time when Marshall and I were still trying to create a team together while managing the site, and a question was raised that no one would want to say after sinking so much time in:

“Should we call it and end Last Token Gaming?”

That story is for another article another time, but I’ll say I’m glad we persevered. I’m grateful every day we decided to stick to our guns and spearhead Last Token Gaming towards our vision. We’re still getting there, still growing, but we’re looking forward to growing with you.

As the year draws to a close, all of us in Last Token Gaming want to thank you, the reader, for your support. Whether it’s subscribing to our site, liking our Facebook page, or sharing any of our articles, the site isn’t where it is without you. Your support is the greatest gift we could receive; we look forward to continue provide the honest, objective content you can rely on. So here’s to the wild times of 2014, and let’s welcome 2015. As always, game on!

-Terry Randolph
Last Token Gaming

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The moment he was born, Terry Randolph knew he would play video games. Okay....not the exact moment he was born, but definitely at an early age. His affinity for video games was cemented in the multiple tantrums he threw while being dragged away from playing Sonic the Hedgehod at his daycare when his parents came to pick him up. Since then, Terry continues to enjoy all the experiences gaming provides. He also loves to write short stories and ambitious novel projects. Last Token Gaming was born from both his love of writing and video games. Twitter: @wanderinganbu Email: terry.r@lasttokengaming.com

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