How to farm for custom moves for Super Smash Bros 4


By Jake Rushing

Super Smash Bros is my favorite multiplayer series to play with your friends, and the most recent entry in the Super Smash Bros franchise might be the best multiplayer game to date. One of the minor features that added to Super Smash Bros 4 a good amount of depth to the game was allowing the player to obtaining custom moves which you could use to customize the characters’ specials (with the exception of Mewtwo, which has no custom moves). Oh, how we all dreamed that one day we would own every single custom to where we could customize our fighters to our liking.

This is an example of Mario having custom moves for a certain special. The special move on the left is his default fireball, while the other two can be obtained by farming them.

This is an example of Mario having custom moves for a certain special. The special move on the left is his default fireball, while the other two can be obtained by farming them.

Well today, I am here to mention different methods on obtaining custom moves. There are some ways that are better than others, while some are easier than others. However, they are all valid methods of obtaining these custom moves. They can be obtained by getting the custom parts which has the wrench logo, usually on a bag. However, there is a small chance of obtaining any custom move from custom part since they usually give players items consumable parts for customizing characters and amiibos, as well as equipment for your Mii fighters. Keep in mind though, getting the custom part is the only way to obtain Custom Moves, with maybe an exception or two (which will be listed below). Now without any further aideu, I’ll start the list.


For the most part, you'd to make sure to look out for the bag with the wrench on it, which looks like that bag.

For the most part, you’d to make sure to look out for the bag with the wrench on it, which looks like that bag.


1) Special Orders (Wii U Only)

This method is pretty straightforward, as you just pick any ticket that doesn’t have a Music CD as a prize. You would earn custom parts, equipment, and a custom move (with a small percentage getting a custom move). The only difference between choosing Crazy Orders and Master Orders to farm for custom parts is that Crazy Orders will give you a better idea on what you’ll be getting in advance, but you have to beat the Crazy Hand in order to obtain the goodies. Master Orders, on the other hand, will just give you the reward as you complete each ticket.


2) Classic mode

For Wii U:

When it comes to selecting your battles, you want to go for a battle that has a fighter with a red wrench logo attached to it, which it will reward you with a custom part. Be sure to defeat that fighter, or you’ll lose the opportunity to obtain that custom part.

For both versions:

For roulette section before any fight, if the roulette has a custom part for a prize, try to time the stopping of the roulette perfectly in order nab the red wrench logo which will reward you the custom part for beating that match. However, there is a trick to help the selection easier by hitting the Home button. It pauses the game (Wii U) briefly before going into options or making home button screen transparent enough (3DS), which should make it a bit easier. However, it is slightly trickier to pull off on the Wii U version as there is a wait period between each Home button press.


3) All Star mode

Just try and win as many matches as you can, although it would preferable if you complete the entire mode as you’ll get more moves from that. For each match completed, there should be a chance that there will be at least one custom part that will spawn right to the left of your character as soon as you return to the room. It usually takes about 15 minutes to complete the mode so it doesn’t take too much of your time.


4) 8 Player Smash with Amiibos (Wii U only)

Before you start figuring out what Amiibos you need to put into the Smash matches, you would want to set the following conditions in prior to the match:

-In Wii U console settings, make sure that the Power Saving Mode is turned off(make sure its the one that powers off the Console after one hour of no activity. Otherwise, the Wii U console will turn off, interrupting your progress of the match.

-Set knockback rate the lowest you can set it so that each life will last longer for the fighters.

-Set the stocks to maximum(99).

-Enable the following items to appear on the field with the item appearance probability set to high:

1) Pokeballs and Master Balls

2) Sandbag

3) Containers

These items will help you obtain custom parts, and here’s the reason why. Pokeballs and Masterballs will spawn Mew (with a small chance). When Mew appears, he will drop a CD, a trophy, or custom part at random. Custom parts stick around long enough for Amiibos to pick one up, so you shouldn’t worry about them missing out. Sandbags also have a small chance to spawn a custom part when hit as well as spawning another Pokeball or Masterball. Lastly, containers just spawn more Pokeballs/Masterballs to help spawn Mew more frequently. At any rate, your Amiibos will be Pokemon Trainers in these kinds of fights!

The more amiibos that you have, the longer that the 99 stock matches will last, which means more chances of obtaining custom moves. Having 8 Amiibos will extend the match to maximum length, maximizing the chance to get Custom Items. If you don’t have 8, just the maximum amount of Amiibos you own will have to do. Once the match ends (without forcing the end of the match), the goodies collected will be saved with the Amiibos. In order to obtain them, you have to save the Amiibos first and then go to Amiibo mode and put your Amiibos back in so you can get the moves as well as other goodies from them.

One more important detail before you start the match, make sure that you have any other controller to use aside from the Wii U Gamepad. The gamepad is useful for putting the amiibos in, but it will run out of the battery at some point before the match is over, freezing the match in the process. What you should do after putting in your amiibos and before you start the match, is to make sure you set up your other controller, whatever it’d be your Pro Controller, your Wii mote, or your Gamecube Controller. Once your controller is set up, put your Gamepad into a room where the signal interference will occur, making the gamepad not able to interact with the console. Once that happens, turn off your gamepad to save the battery. You can then use your other controller to start your match.

This is the most time consuming method, but the interaction with the game as the match plays out is not required so you don’t have to do anything during the match. You can let the match run it’s course, so you can let the console run as you go to work, get a good night rest, or do anything else time consuming.

Aww, thats more than enough for Amiibo battle Royale!

Aww, thats more than enough for Amiibo battle Royale!


5) Trophy Rush

Get one of hardest hitting characters and just smash boxes. For example, Ganondorf can break any box (even the gold boxes) with any move he has in his arsenal. His down special and his smash moves break multiple boxes at once, allowing for the fever mode to be triggered faster. Once you see any green pentagon with a wrench during the fever mode, aim to break that as it’ll reward you with a custom part.


6) Smash Run(for 3DS only)

In this mode, just aim to get to rooms with chests as fast as you can, as well as getting chests in the level aspect of Smash Run as fast as you can. Any chest that you’d open has a chance of dropping a custom part. There is also a chance of a defeated enemy dropping a custom part, but the chests should be your top priority as they have higher probability of spawning Custom Parts.


7) Smash Tour(For Wii U only)

Just play Smash Tour as you normally would, as you would obtain items upon completion of the Smash Tour including custom moves. The better you fare overall, the more items that you’ll obtain, increasing your chances of getting at least one custom move.


These methods are usually fun ways of obtaining custom moves. Keep in mind though, that these methods won’t get you all of the custom moves. In order to obtain all of them, you’d have to complete specific challenges in order to obtain these particular moves. Here is the list of moves that can be unlocked via challenges which differenciate depending on what version of Super Smash Bros 4 you own(from SmashBros Miiverse fansite):

Wii U:

1)Falco – Accele-Reflector

How to unlock: Get a chain of at least 150 in Trophy Rush playing only as Falco and playing solo.

2) Lucina – Dashing Assault

How to unlock: Clear The Falchion’s Seal Event on Normal difficulty or higher.

3)Pac Man – Dire Hydrant

How to unlock: Score at least 200,000 points in a single game of Target Blast on Stage 2 with any character.

4) Dark Pit – Control Arrow/Guiding Bow

How to unlock: Get a score of 25 or higher in a single Rival Smash match playing as Dark Pit.

5)Link – Ripping Boomerang

How to unlock: Get a score of 50 or higher in a single Endless Smash match playing only as Link.

6)Charizard – Rock Hurl

How to unlock: Play Solo Home-Run Contest and get a score of 100m (or 328ft) as Charizard.

7)Mega Man – Tornado Hold

How to unlock: Clear any Master’s Order Ticket as Mega Man.

8) Diddy Kong – Exploding Popgun

How to unlock: Play Target Blast as any character and score at least 150,000 points as any character.



1)Diddy Kong – Exploding Popgun

How to unlock: Destroy 3,000 blocks in Trophy Rush.

2)Ike – Close Combat

How to unlock: Destroy 1,000 blocks in Trophy Rush.

3)Marth – Effortless Blade

How to unlock: Clear a 100-Man Smash in under 3 minutes.

4)Mario – Exploding Punch

How to unlock: Score at least 200,000 points in a single game of Target Blast.

5)Link – Giant Bomb

How to unlock: Destroy 300 blocks in Trophy Rush.

6)Metaknight – High-Speed drill

How to unlock: Win 5 Smash Matches playing only as Metaknight.

7)Wii Fit Trainer – Huge Header

How to unlock: Get a max combo of 10+ in Training

8)Captain Falcoln – Lightning Falcon Kick

How to unlock: Play StreetSmash for the first time.

9)Villager – Liftoff Hold

How to unlock: Battle 2 or more times on the Tortimer Island stage in Smash mode.


That is everything that I could gather in regards to getting custom moves. If there is anything I missed, feel free to call me out on my mistakes. I would like to make further edits to this guide as I obtain more suggestions from you lovely readers. If you like it, great! Happy farming everyone!


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