Part 2 of my article is delayed a day or two

Hi everyone,

I want to apologize, as my part two of The Culprit Effect” article will be delayed for another day or two. Due to some circumstances and events that have happened (had a lot more work for my job than I anticipated) I was unable to get a draft of the article ready for publish.

My goal as a writer is to not only write to improve my style and writing, but to produce the best articles possible. Up to my expectations and standards at least. To try to force it to be done by tonight, I fear, would not do the article justice. Especially because it is covering such a controversial topic such as violence and video games.

I hope you understand, and i thank you for your support so far in our work we have accomplished!


Terry Randolph

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The moment he was born, Terry Randolph knew he would play video games. Okay....not the exact moment he was born, but definitely at an early age. His affinity for video games was cemented in the multiple tantrums he threw while being dragged away from playing Sonic the Hedgehod at his daycare when his parents came to pick him up. Since then, Terry continues to enjoy all the experiences gaming provides. He also loves to write short stories and ambitious novel projects. Last Token Gaming was born from both his love of writing and video games. Twitter: @wanderinganbu Email:

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