What We’re Playing This Week – Memorial Day Weekend Edition

By the Last Token Gaming Staff

Jordan Nelson – Overwatch, League of Legends, Enter the Gungeon, Civilizations 5

It’s my birthday this Sunday, so I spoiled myself a little and bought a new game! The Overwatch hype is real, and the game looks phenomenal. Going to try to get to play ranked asap. On top of that, I’m making the last climb to Platinum on League of Legends. Gungeon and Civ, meanwhile, are just some games for me to relax and play in the in-between time.

Jake Rushing – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (PC)

This week, I’m going to focus on finishing Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood before next week so I can get Overwatch and see what the hub bub is about.

That is all I have on the table for this week, since I’m busy with work and going to volunteer at Fanime this upcoming memorial day weekend.

Marshall Garvey – Fight Night: Round 3 (PS2)

I’ve got the boxing bug bad as of late, especially after recently completing my seventh lesson at Get Fit Davis. So I took a break from WarioWare and popped Fight Night: Round 3 in my PlayStation 2 for the first time in years. Being released in 2006, making it 10 years old (seriously?), it may be very dated in terms of its contemporary fighters lineup. But it’s still a pinnacle boxing title thanks to its intricate, challenging mechanics, as well as the rivalry mode that allows you to re-live classic match-ups like Ali vs. Frazier, Leonard vs. Hagler, etc. Plus, this game is special to me since it features Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward as the coverboys. Not only did their legendary rivalry cement my status as a boxing fanatic for life, but Gatti tragically departed us in 2009. It no doubt makes playing as him a bit sad, but if anything, it’s a way of honoring his warrior spirit.

I also intend to dive back into Killer7 soon. I put it aside for a little while after getting stuck on yet another cryptic, bizarre puzzle, but I’ve been badly missing the game’s surreal visuals and intricate (if convoluted) story. It’s a truly nonpareil gaming experience, and I’ll want to spend time with it before my gaming life takes a two-week hiatus as a result of my forthcoming Europe vacation.

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