What We’re Playing This Week – Blood Red Moon edition

By The Last Token Gaming Staff


Sean Willis – Gigantic (PC, Steam)

Gigantic, the MOBA for people who don’t like MOBAs, yeah that fits me well. Game is still needs some work in my view but it’s still rather fun to play at times. Very much needs team communication and can be a bit complex at first but I got into it rather quickly enough and it kinda grew on me after I initially was rather skeptical of it. I’m sorta returning to it now that my PC is back up and running and they have a community challenge for extra in game currency. It is free to play generally though you can buy all the heroes out right for a reasonable price. Skins, heroes and creatures are all purchasable with in game earnings or premium currency but nothing too confusing or questionable. Feels rather fair to me really but I find myself playing with whatever weekly heroes are available to play for free at the time. Wait to buy it out right later and just challenge myself and collect as much in game currency as I can. Game is a sort of deathmatch mixed with creature summoning, defense and the giant guardians serving as end goals as they build up with power each kill or orb a creature collects to hold down the other team’s guardian and allow players to attack and lower guardian’s life bar to win. It has some charm to it, too much in fact but it can be fun, especially with a group you can communicate with. Random players online can be give and take as the learning curve can be a little confusing at first but it’s not too bad after some practice. Really hope to see the game improve through updates as I plan to earn as much in game currency as possible and not spend it till the all hero pack they sell is on sale. Cause I’m weird like that.


Jake Rushing – Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA)

I started on the quest to collect souls from the new enemies that i encounter. It’s coming along well so far. Just the possibilities of having different combination of moves is just so fun!

So far I’m over 70% of collecting the souls, and I’m maybe at least 75% done with the game? It seems like it’s short, but it’s still fun! I can’t wait to finish this game!


Marshall Garvey – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (360)

Still more Skyrim for me during a week primarily taken up by concerts, baseball playoffs and work. I think I’m going to join the Imperial Legion as my next step, and start using more spells and strategy rather than just hack everyone to death. But even the latter option is still good, as this game has by far the best combat system of the entire series.

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