What We’re Playing This Week – California Floods Edition

Real life comes first, especially when an emergency situation pops up however a good game after it is certainly how we like to calm our nerves like many do. Though as gamers are we more mentally prepared for emergencies? I’d hope it helps a little bit but thankfully we don’t have to deal with wizards in real life. Very RPG filled week for us at LTG.

Ben Fitzgerald – Neverwinter Nights, Legend of Kyrandia – The Hand of Fate (PC)


I haven’t been focused on work lately. I guess I’ve been in some kind of funk, because all I seem to want to do is play video games.


I played Neverwinter Nights before. It’s an old BioWare game somewhere in between the spirit of Baldur’s Gate and Knights of the Old Republic. As a game, I don’t think it’s quite as memorable as either, but it had one thing going for it that helped it stand out from all the competition: the Aurora engine was designed to be moddable, making it easy for users to create their own custom scenarios. I know of few games that have such an active modding community, which fits right in with the spirit of Dungeons and Dragons.


I finally beat The Legend of Kyrandia – Fables and Fiends (although that isn’t exactly the original title), so now I’m playing through the second game, where you star as the sassy enchantress Zanthia, who isn’t quite as dull-witted as Brandon in the first game.

Jake Rushing – Xenogears (PS1), Fire Emblem Heroes (Android)


Well, I made it halfway through Xenogears. It’s still a fun game so far, with the story pulling me in for the ride, and with the new characters being introduced (or reintroduced) at a good pace. Even though I’ve gotten used to the game play to the point where I’d get bored, I didn’t even mind the repetition, especially if I’m trying to learn more Death blows when I’m not fighting in Gears.


Fire Emblem Heroes sure feels like a solid game perfectly suited to the kind of the mobiles that are more designed to be played on the go. When I’m trying to kill time in a line, BOOM Fire Emblem Heroes. When I’m just waiting to sip on my coffee, BOOM Fire Emblem Heroes. When I’m taking care of business on the toilet…you get the picture. It’s a game that surely makes you want to put in some money to help summon more heroes. It’s a great time waster for sure and will get you a lot of debt that you should get Help with payday loans.

Sean Willis – Resident Evil 5 (PC steam), Pokemans still (NDS/3DS)

With all the flood panic the previous week I didn’t have a lot of gaming time outside of my 3DS since it’s my main portable gaming device right now. However to help calm my nerves I managed to squeeze in some RE4 and 5 gameplay. Mostly just to see how they looked and ran on my machine. I was disappointed with RE4’s lack of Wii style pointing controls but was pleasantly surprised when I found that the RE5 pc port had a pointing control function. Right away I grabbed a wiimote, nyko wiimote+classic controller grip attachment and programing a small WiiMouse PC program script to keyboard to create hybrid point and gamepad controls. It works and it’s nice to aim where I want without fighting the shaky aim motions. Plus there’s a mod out there that enables the laser sight in this pointing mode so I think I like playing the game this way best. Still yet to beat it anyway, had the game spoiled for me and would rather play with someone anyway. Sadly no split screen co-op. Also I realize this is a strange game to play for calming of nerves but I guess it’s nice to have a virtual problem that can be solved right away.
Still playing all the Pokemon Games I have at once. Breed eevees so much I ran out of space but I’ve figured out my direction in the games so I’m just catching duplicates of Pokemon and transferring it as I casually get through the games. I’ll actually beat at least one of them sometime I hope, yet to beat a Pokemon game since Red and Blue. More so just not having the time to dedicate to it I guess but I play my RPGs very slowly as I hate missing things, even small meaningless NPC chatter. Also I have to have a perfect team of eevees cause I love them. Game isn’t finished till I have a full eevee team I say.

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