What Were Playing This Week – Is It December Already? Edition

Ben Fitzgerald – Nox (PC), Oblivion (360)

After sinking 55 hours into Civilization III over the last week, I need to take a break from conquering the world. It’s fun, but the cleanup takes forever, and there aren’t any heroes involved. Time to step back into the role of epic champion who kills everyone and everything in his path.

Nox has been fun. It’s a bit of a short game on a single playthrough, but I understand that the first half of the game is quite different when you play as different characters, your combat approach changes and you get a different ending. So I might play the game as a different class when I beat it as a Fire Knight.

As for Oblivion, Imps suck. That is all.

Terry Randolph – Undertale (PC)

While being on vacation to my family’s brentwood condos, the only games I have are on my PC. That said, my goal is to finally finish my pacifist playthrough to play a second time for an even purer pacifist playthrough. I’ve missed playing the game, and I can’t wait to finally finish it!

Marshall Garvey – Dead Space (Xbox 360)

Gaming has been on the backburner recently, mostly since I’ve had to delay getting my PS4 again until (hopefully) the end of the month. The combination of holiday season schedule-crowding and having to maintain my funds in spite of it kind of necessitated my waiting, but rest assured it’ll be worth it. But I’ve nonetheless gotten a fix of sorts by playing Fallout 4 with my buddy Shane on his PS4. We, along with LTG staff member and friend Michael Ros, created a truly atrocious character named Dick Head, with the fattest torso possible, a crooked Rollie Fingers moustache, a bulbous nose, and lips so huge they can barely move. We’re hilarious! (Translation: We’re idiots.)

All the same, I will assuredly be playing TellTale Walking Dead: Season 3 nonstop when it finally comes out on December 20, whether on Mac or PS4. Judging by the trailer, I can honestly say I’m not too interested in Javier, but Clementine looks to be as compelling as ever now that she’s (sort of) grown up. My biggest fear is that the multiple ending options from season 2 will be invalidated by the gap in time in the story. (Basically, I just really, reeeealllllyyyy want Kenny to have survived. OK TellTale?)

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Benjamin Fitzgerald has been playing video games his entire life. An avid Star Trek fan, the first game he ever played was Interplay's "Star Trek: 25th Anniversary." He has many other interests as well, including writing music, cooking and spending time with his friends, including his best friend, Shadow.

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