What We’re Playing This Week – Easter Edition
Undertale Pokken

From all of us to you, Happy Easter Everyone!

Jake Rushing – Pokémon Silver (Game boy), Pokken Tournament (Wii U), Metroid 2 Return of Samus (Gameboy):

This week, I’ll continue to play Pokémon Silver. As I’m trying to find a way to get through the game as quickly as I can so I could move on to either Metroid 2 or Pokémon Trading Card Game. Right now, I finished the second gym and I’m looking for a Heracross to add to my team. Man it’s frustrating when you forget how hard it is to get a certain Pokémon.

I picked up Pokken Tournament on the release day, and do far, I wasn’t expecting to get pulled in right away. I had a blast obliterating the competition with Pikachu Libre. I’m thinking that, for the sake of review, that I’ll spend a generous amount of time for this game, but I’ll balance my time between Silver and Pokken so that both of these games will get the love.

I’ve been playing Pokémon a lot as of recently. When I feel the need to step away from that a little so I don’t feel burned out, I’ll just play a little bit of Metroid 2. Just for the sake of backlog.

Terry Randolph – Tom Clancy’s The Division (Xbox One), Undertale (PC)

Honestly, I probably won’t be gaming much this week as a lot of stuff is coming to a head that needs to be completed. However, the times I’ll get to play I know I’ll be swallowed up by Tom Clancy’s The Division and/or Undertale. The Division has a similar feel in concept to Destiny, but I’m enjoying this a lot more. Maybe it has more to do with the setting, the mission formats, and the different levels for various missions. Personally, I’m enjoying the rewards systems, equipment management, and the way gunfights play. Can The Division be repetitive in its gameplay? Absolutely. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been a fun ride so far.

Undertale is a game I know I MUST play, because seeing the trailers, gameplay videos, and word of mouth have made it a very strong candidate for a gaming experience. I can’t wait to sink some  time in when I have a chance. Otherwise this will be a low key gaming week for me where hopefully next week I can get some more time in.

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