What We’re Playing This Week – It’s Finally August! Edition

Ben Fitzgerald – Star Trek: Armada, Goodbye Deponia (PC), Mass Effect (360)

I finally finished Icewind Dale II again, and I’m slowly trudging through Armada. A lot of the games I want to play I can’t, because my laptop can’t run them or they don’t perform well on a laptop keyboard and trackpad. The third Deponia game is trying my patience more than I expected, so I need a break. I think it’s time to slowly inch my way back into Mass Effect. The game has a tendency to ensnare me in its plot, though, so I’m a little hesitant.

I also decided to begin another go of Baldur’s Gate before eventually tackling the mammoth sequel. I want to play through the game “commando” style, where if any of my party members die (except for Imoen) they stay dead. I did that on my first BG playthrough but didn’t bother in my second, because I wanted to finish the game.

Jake Rushing – Punch Out! (Wii)

Now that I’m finally finished with Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, I feel that it’s time to go back to a game that I have yet to finish that I stopped playing 2 years ago: The newest Punch Out for the Wii.

I remembered that I had fun playing this game a lot, and because i got more physically involved with the game thanks to the motion controls, it helped make my bad days not so bad. It’s a fun game to use the motion controls for sure. I stopped playing the game after failing to beat the final fighter of the first campaign. Now I finally beat him and I’m going through the tougher versions of the fighters that I’ve beaten before. All I got to say is that King Hippo with a Man hole cover to protect his belly is no joke.

Terry Randolph – TellTale’s Batman Series (Xbox One), Just Cause 3 (Xbox One)

My play has finally opened, which means now I get to enjoy my weeknights again with both friends, loved ones, and video games. I’m trying to work through Just Cause 3 since it’s part of my backlog list of games I need to play. It’s been…something…I think once I complete the game I’ll have a better assessment. If I go by the map (which is huge) I’m probably close to 40-50% done with the game. Also, I just finished TellTale’s Batman Episode 1: Realm of Shadows thanks to them getting me a review key for the whole season. I’ll be working on that slowly.

Otherwise, if there’s time, I’ll begin working on playing Inside if there’s time. Otherwise, Just Cause 3 will be my focus game for the rest of the week.

Sean Willis – Straimium Infinity (PC indie), Gotta Protectors/Protect Me Knight 2 (3ds), SuperPowers (PC programing tool) , Starbound 1.0

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