What We’re Playing This Week – First of June Edition

By the Last Token Gaming Staff

Benjamin Fitzgerald – King of Dragon Pass, Star Trek: Armada, Long Live the Queen (PC)

I’m still working on Icewind Dale II, and I’m approaching the last act of the game. However, I needed some different games to change the pace. King of Dragon Pass is an old game from 1999, but so far its brilliant. The graphical design is awesome and unique, and the game play… I’m really not sure how to describe it all. It’s almost like a combination of roleplaying, civilization building and strategy, but that doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’m honestly not sure what I’m doing or if I’m doing it right, but I’m having fun.

Long Live the Queen is a fun strategy/roleplaying game too. I’ve played it before and won, but I’ve also played it before and lost. There are a lot of different elements to balance, and depending on the ways you train the Princess and the choices you make, a lot of different ways things can turn out. It’s pretty cool.

I really want to get back into my Star Trek challenge, so I’m replaying Star Trek: Armada as well. It’s a good choice, because I can play a couple of missions at a time, and I don’t have to rush anything.

Sean Willis – Chibi-Robo 3 (Japan import), Minecraft PC/Wii U/Android, Creativerse

It has been a busy month for me, though it was mostly waiting for everyone else but still I’m just glad my family is all okay again. None the less I had a lot more time with my 3DS and an NDS flash cart which allowed me to play the translation of the third Chibi Robo game released on the NDS only in Japan. The translation has been around awhile but it’s a bit of irony when I’m overwhelmed by things then I play a game about doing daily house chores. Of course the spin is that ya play as a tiny robot but still sometimes I wonder how I find this fun. Yet it’s kind of calming with its cute tiny robot charm. Some things weren’t translated perfectly and I’m still not sure why it never made it to the states. The game takes off several years from the first game and we get to see the frog obsessed kid Jenny as a grown up in a poor home. Playing as Chibi-Robo you go around cleaning everything and finding money all over the place to furnish their home. For an NDS game it feels big, console sized even and it’s amazing they pulled off so much on such a limited game system. Again a big big shame it never made it to the states but at least it can be imported for a fair price and the translation can be used on emulators or flashcart methods.

Other than that I’ve been jumping into Minecraft on the Wii U, attempting it’s Android version with a few mods to make it playable and getting into the PC version all over again. Generally calming myself down building mansions and things with limited resources, I dunno its kinda like Chibi Robo just building instead of cleaning. The console and Android versions I play for the convenience but the PC version’s last 1.9 update really fixed a lot of problems I had with the game. Boats are so much more enjoyable to actually use and using a shield makes combat feel well, like proper combat. I keep telling myself I should get into redstone circuit building or command block vanilla game modding as I’ve seen some rather fancy commandblock modding worlds now a days. I guess part of me wants to make a Chibi Robo like mod so I can build and clean up virtual messes. Suddenly I wish I was playing the new DOOM, till I can afford a PC upgrade heh. (always classic Doom mods xD)

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