What We’re Playing This Week – Goodbye September Edition

By the Last Token Gaming Staff


Terry Randolph – Prey (Xbox One), Undertale (PC), Destiny 2 (Xbox One), NieR: Automata (Playstation 4)

Remember our article What Took So Long? That article had me reminiscing about not only the games I’d mentioned in the article, but the many games I’d have yet to finish. It made me start to write down a list, and had me face facts; most of my gaming in the last few years involved starting games but never finishing them. The ratio, it seemed, was 33% completed/67% unfinished. In an immediate attempt to shift that percentage by 1%, I decided to pick up two games again. The lucky recipients? Undertale and Prey.

While I look like an oddball trying to get myself familiarized with the controls (thanks Destiny 2), Prey is a welcome breath of fresh air from games I’ve been playing as of yet. The atmosphere is tense and immersive, forcing me to concentrate on being aware of the fact that a mimic could ALWAYS be in the same room as me. The, coupled in with the synth-like music that fades in and out, or the emptiness of space, everything creates a sense of dread. You, the player, are alone on a ship that looks like it’s breaking apart. You have robots that contradict each other and create the question: what is truth? It’s a great game, and I’m looking forward to get through it.

There’s not much to say about Undertale than I love the game, I just forget about it and stop playing days at a time. I’m 90% done with the game on a pacifist runthrough, and I want to finish it soon to get to a second playthrough to get a true pacifist run. What can be said other than it’s a stellar game? I’ll save more of my thoughts for my eventual Hall of Fame review.

I also picked up NieR: Automata when it went on sale on Amazon. I was able to play a brief bit of the game, and found myself hooked. From the soundtrack, to the graphics, and to gameplay, it’s hitting that niche craving I’ve been looking for in games. It’s one of the games that has proven 2017 to be a strong year for video games.

When all else fails, I’ll have Destiny 2 to land on.


Jake Rushing – Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright (3DS), Michael Jackson’s The Moonwalker (Genesis)

So this week, I’m going to wrap up Fire Emblem Fates Birthright this week. I’ve made a lot of progress, and I’m about a few chapters shy of beating the game. I’m currently building my current team to help me finish the game, since the last few chapters are going to be tough.

I haven’t been playing The Moonwalker that much lately, as I’m focusing on Fire Emblem Fates, but I’m intending on playing that game until i beat the game, and i hope that i can beat it around early October and then i can focus on the games i planned on playing for October.

Sean Willis – Pinball FX3 (PC Steam), Mighty No. 9 (PC, Steam)

Mostly been digging into my game library for random things and stumbled on the new version of Pinball FX. Seems to come with some visual improvements and lame casual cheats as unlockables while the table internal switches seem to be removed sadly. Least I haven’t ran into them yet anyway. Some tables are missing from the FX2 version but only a small handful which likely is more of a licensing issue. The rest are easily brought over to the new version if you own any tables from the last on Steam which is also still playable in that version if preferred.

One thing I found interesting is the cabinet support feature. It seems FX2 had this as well but you have to email the developers and ask for a code to unlock it. It’s there just to keep it open for hobbyists and out say someone who’d try to make money off it somehow. Still something i’ve always kinda wanted to try since my monitor can turn on its side. Though I never liked the pinball tables they have as the music always seems to play over everything regardless of what’s going on in the table and it’s always rubbed me the wrong way. The paranormal table however is still a favorite and has more dynamic music changes and unique features than other tables, plus a sorta x-files feel which is pretty cool. Now I gotta look into building a pinball cabinet, always wanted to try making one of those. For now maybe just duct-taping Wiimotes to a monitor.

I’ve finally gotten around to trying Mighty No.9. At first I thought it’s not so bad once you understand the mechanics but dang the level design while its placements are thoughtful it seems to go out of its way to give the player a hard time instead of tailoring itself for the unique mechanics. Nothing like dying on instant death traps off screen while focused on trying to dash through enemies to absorb them and get stuck in a free fall you think is totally gonna be safe. AUGH! Other than that I find the game a bit too easy overall it’s just designed in a really chunky frustrating way for some odd reason. Gunvolt also shares some of these issues and it just seems that’s how the developer likes to modernize things I guess. Dunno if I can stomach playing through the whole thing but I still feel like it gets treated a little more harshly than it deserves. Just don’t expect a Megaman game level of polish.

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