What We’re Playing This Week – Happy Halloween/November Edition

Jake Rushing – Dead Space Extraction (Wii), Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64)

With Halloween ending around the corner, I knew that I was on the last chapter, so I’ll finish the last chapter of Dead Space Extraction and I will be done with all of the games planned to be played for October.

With 2018 coming closer and closer, I realized that I haven’t made an entry for Last Token Gaming’s Hall of Fame all year, so I decided that I am going to visit one of the best Legend of Zelda games of all time, Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. I haven’t played the game for the N64 since I got rid of my old N64 console all of those years ago. I’m looking forward to having my first go at the N64 Zelda once more.

Sean Willis – Jambo Safari (Arcade – Emulation), Terreria (PC), Decksplash (PC)

Finding an arcade cabinet of the Jambo Safari game I found myself trying to play it via emulators. Sadly they don’t run full speed but it does allow me to explore the game more. It’s a simple game where you drive around and capture animals. Getting three allows the player to continue to a final challenge round and capture something large like a rhino. Later stages might have a white lion or sabertooth tiger so it gets a little goofy. Really wish the game had a console port to the Dreamcast like it was planned to. The Wii and NDS remakes really dumb it down though it has a similar feel sorta. More just open world busy work. I’ll just have to find that cabinet again sometime.

I haven’t played Terraria in a long time but it seems they added achievements and ridable mounts which makes the game world much easier to travel on. Though I still seem to have trouble keeping interest in building but the combat is still a bit fun. Playing with friends during the Halloween events I was able to get a few unique items so playing on my own shouldn’t be as much a drag starting over again. Thankfully I was able to find my old save files but with the new content it seems better to start some new worlds.

Decksplash is sorta like Splatoon but with skateboards. It’s all trick based but you still need to paint the ground just instead of shooting it’s by landing high score tricks. Trying the game out during its free week I find my machine can just barely run it but it manages enough frames to do something at least. It has loot box which are given out by leveling up and getting duplicate items gives you in game money kinda like Overwatch or others. Customizing is nice n all but it makes me wanna draw my own stuff on them. I bet I have a few bad drawings that would look good on a skateboard heh. Game wise I’m starting to get the trick system down but it takes a lot of learning. Curious to see how the game turns out next year but they claim the game won’t be released if they don’t get enough attention. I find that a little odd but eh, it’s not bad a game and it’s free to play right now.

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