What We’re Playing This Week – Hello October edition

Sean Willis – PLanet Explorers (indie PC), Pokken (Wii U)

Planet Explorers is an open world exploration and building game set on an alien planet. It has been in early access for quite some time and is still in active development however it is still quite playable in its current form though its single player campaign isn’t fully fleshed out yet. Playing online with a friend we ended up getting stuck in a cave we dug out of a mountain ourselves with an angry creature following us. Thankfully some NPCs followed us from a nearby town and fight them for us at least. The campaign is said to be co-op as well which is nice but it’s adventure mode is kinda fun to mess around with in a minecraft like sorta manner. Find myself wanting to play more and build some vehicles just for fun. Still looking forward to the game when it’s finished and more stable to play. After all the hub bub with No Mans Sky it’s nice to go back and see the indie games that have been taking their time and doing things right while working with their community.

Pokken has taken up my time again now that I purchased a Pokken controller. Some local tournaments have brought my interest back in the game and since I’m the only one of very few who play with an arcade stick I have to retrain myself for a regular controller since some tournaments allow only Wii U Pro game pads and the Pokken gamepad. Sad since it works so well with an arcade stick but those are rare to get for Wii/Wii U anyway. The Pokken gamepad isn’t bad and holds up well though I would have like a bit more bells and whistles for a twenty five dollar controller with one use. Not that I can’t use it with emulation on PC or Wii U via homebrew if I really want to so it’s not totally limited. Pokken game wise I am still rather pleased at how easy is to get back into the game however playing online I find myself getting right back into some of my bad habits. Oh well, time to practice my Lucario strategy some.

Ben Fitzgerald – Mass Effect 3 (360), Cook Serve Delicious, Desktop Dungeons (PC)

I have finished my acquisition of DLC for Mass Effect 3, and I hope to complete the game soon. I’ve been enjoying playing the online multiplayer with temporary Xbox Live access as well (one free month). I am playing through the Omega DLC, so the game should be completed by next week.

In other news, $1.00 at Humble Bundle got me Cook, Serve, Delicious!, the hardcore restaurant simulator that met with an unexpected wave of popularity. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but I have to say, the game is exhilarating and addictive. I’ve logged nine hours to date, and I’m only at a one-star restaurant. Must–reach—four—-stars!!!!!!!!!!

I also revisited Desktop Dungeons and threw twenty hours of my life away. I really enjoyed myself, but only to a point. The game really has so much potential, and literally hundreds of hours of gameplay, but after a certain point it becomes very technical, requiring the player to plan out every move carefully, and rendering even a single mistake lethal. It gets to the point where the game requires so much work and effort that it isn’t even fun anymore. Still, I got 40+ hours of gameplay for $3.00, so I’ll call that a victory.

Marshall Garvey – TellTale Walking Dead – Season One

Man, where to begin? These past few weeks have been a whirlwind in my personal life. First, I left my job at Dimple Records, and then immediately started my new job at the California Department of Food and Agriculture. A few days later, me and fellow staff members Jake Rushing and Michael Ros went to L.A. for the Ninja Sex Party concert, after which we had the incredible thrill of meeting Danny Avidan himself! (I know, I know…pics or it didn’t happen. You can see the photo on the LTG Twitter and Facebook pages!)

But now that I’m settling into a stable schedule job, I can promise from here on out I’ll be contributing to WWPTW regularly again, and will diversify my entries. (However, I’m primarily focused on our huge overhaul of the site’s design, so that’s where most of my efforts will be focused.) Today’s pick is once again TellTale Walking Dead, which I’m giving a definitive playthrough at long last. It’s imperative to finish it with the next season about to come out. I also picked up Borderlands 2 for the 360 with my last employee discount purchase, and will pop that in when I’m finally done with the shitshow that is Colonial Marines. I’m thhhhiiisssssss close to beating it, as much a drag as it’s been, and promise you all one stellar Gaming Disasters Review soon!

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