What We’re Playing This Week – Hello October!

By The Last Token Gaming Staff


Terry Randolph – Cuphead, Destiny 2 (Xbox One), Undertale (PC)

My goal this month was to play Destiny 2, Prey, and maybe Undertale…until I realized Cuphead was coming out. Everything else got pushed to the side, and my weekend was nothing but Cuphead. This game is refreshingly difficult and challenging: it practically demands that you multitask between trying to survive and defeating the boss as fast as possible. Bosses have patterns, but players have to take mental notes and use that to their advantage. While I initially balked at the fact that the game lacks online co op, I do love the idea of having to sit down next to someone to play. It makes the communication, as well as teamwork, vital for winning.

Other than that, this weekend will probably be light on the video game side of things. I’ve got a lot of music to catch up on for the choir concert I’ll be in. I was able to get some time in for the new Destiny 2 nightfall strike (which was the most challenging one to date), and I’ll try to get to Undertale this weekend (I swear!).


Jake Rushing – Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA)

My goal this month is to go through any horror themed games or scary games. So I am starting off this week by playing Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow through the GBA player on my Gamecube. It’s really need when you can view what is going on a bigger screen!

I have a lot on my plate for this week, so that is all that I’m playing for this week.

Marshall Garvey – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (360)

It has been a week from hell, with the Las Vegas shooting, my musical god Tom Petty dying, and my beloved Minnesota Twins losing in the playoffs to the hated Yankees….AGAIN. By the way, you can get bottle service in Las Vegas. So it’s the right time to get my game on. I finally pulled out Skyrim for the first time in awhile, and it feels good to get lost in it again. I’m rediscovering the random quests I decided to sign up for, but if I start playing it for awhile I think it’ll be time to shake things up from just slashing everyone to death, like casting more spells or joining some unique faction.

And as always, my character is some random obscure person I’m obsessed with. This file is long-forgotten Hollywood character actor Elisha Cook Jr., although I barely made it look like him. Jesus, how the hell do I pick my characters for open world games?

Sean Willis – Overwatch (PC)

Well I finally grabbed a copy recently and have been playing off and on since. Grabbed a boxed version of the Game of the Year edition at a discount so I paid an extra three dollars in taxes than the discounted digital version just to get a shiny little cardboard box. Just cause I could, sides it came with a nifty notepad of all things. Also some codes for other game freebies and things and a data disc which honestly isn’t needed but hey its there. Game wise been playing arcade matches the most and catching up with friends a bit. PC wise I can just barely run it at 30fps so really gonna need that PC upgrade soon. A few tweaks of the hidden options file and I can get a somewhat more stable framerate soooo, it’ll do. I don’t mind all the pixelated visuals anyway.

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