What We’re Playing This Week: June Bugs Edition!

Ben Fitzgerald – Quest for Glory III: Wages of War, Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness, Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire (PC)


I’m still in the midst of a classic retro binge of the Quest for Glory series, only now I’ve made my way past the first two games (at the time of writing this, I’ve actually played through Wages of War twice and am finished with that as well). My main run of the game is as a thief/mage. I also finished Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero? as a fighter and then imported him into Wages of War as a paladin. I started to play Shadows of Darkness as a paladin too, but I hate the combat system so much I nixed the idea.


About the games, then. By and large,they’re a lot of fun. Each game grows successively darker and more serious, which I enjoy. Wages of War found me in an African-inspired country (aptly named Fricana), where I had to avert a war and prevent a demon invasion. Shadows of Darkness is also pretty dark. You are suddenly transported to a faraway land where nobody really likes you much, and undead fiends plague the valley at night. A fetid swamp prevents (almost) anyone from entering or leaving the valley, and the presence of an evil cult still inspires fear in the natives.


Dragon Fire features a completely different graphical style and interface to the previous games, but I’ve only just started it, so I can’t say much. You can expect reviews of the rest of the series in the coming months.


Jake Rushing – Xenogears (PS1)


Well, I’m towards the end. The pacing has changed a little too fast. But hey, I’m at the end where i can go through the . For right now, i just need to farm for gold to buy fancy equipment and I’ll be on my way to beat the game. That’s it for now!


Terry Randolph – Persona 5 (PS4), Prey (Xbox One), Battlefield 1 (Xbox One), The Walking Dead: Season 3: A New Frontier (Xbox One)


TellTale’s The Walking Dead: Season 3: A New Frontier is finally concluded with its fifth episode, From the Gallows. The season has been a rollercoaster of inconsistent writing, overwhelming ambition versus underwhelming writing, and for me indicates the series needs a fresh start. I love Clementine as a character, but I think it speaks volumes about a franchise when the titular character has already gone through three major story arcs with similar resolutions and yet is promised to be the main character for the fourth season. I’ll go more in depth in a review of the season when I have the review up by next week…but it’s sad to say I feel like I was slightly underwhelmed with this season.


Persona 5 and Prey are the two games I’m going to be focusing on from here on out, with Battlefield 1 being a nice multiplayer experience with friends. These two games are both awesome for different reasons, and it makes it incredibly tough to decide which game I’d rather play in the moment. I’ll be looking forward to reviewing both games when completed.

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