What We’re Playing This Week – Oh hai November

Sean Willis – Overwatch PTR (PC),  Doom (PRBoom port on 3ds)

Found out Overwatch has a test branch with the newest character Moira so had to jump in to play some Moira. Everyone is playing as Moira so it’s nothing but all Moira team matches. I don’t know if that counts as good practice but it’s at least rather fun. I look forward to the character in the normal official version of the game but for now it’s nice to get a feel for the new character. I generally like how chaotic her play style can be since she can damage or heal and making a choice between the two can help your team mates. Even her ultimate move heals while damaging enemies so that looks a bit handy. She’s a bit weak though but that darn bouncy ball thing can get a little out of hand. I like how it already has me looking up at ceilings in some stages just to find optimal places to put it. (update: Moira is available to play in official servers now, still loving throwing the plasma ball things around.)

Beyond that been messing with the original levels of Doom 1 again on my 3DS just for the sake of playing them in 3D and catching those few levels I never completed. Doom just never seems to get too old for me. Sure I get tired of it at times but I can always return to it and challenge myself again. Reminds me to get Chex Quest on there too if it’ll work right with this port of PRBoom.

Jake Rushing – Just Cause 3 (PS4), Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

Let’s face it, as much as I wanted to play more of Zelda, I couldn’t help but to be drawn to explosions that Just Cause 3 offers, just…the satisfaction that I get from laying waste to enemy bases, and watching explosions from exploding fuel tanks, not a lot of things in life could put me at ease like making things explode.

And of course, I’m taking my time with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I have finished the Deku Tree dungeon, and now I’m on my way to meet the princess. It is a treat to feel that same sense of awe and wonder when I explore new territory for the first time.

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