What We’re Playing This Week – Pumpkin Spiced Latte Edition

Sean Willis – OkamiDen (NDS)

Well after my hard drive crashed last week, I was pretty much stuck without my main gaming and work system. So while I wait for some new hard drives and run Linux off a thumb drive, I gave up on PC gaming and grabbed my DS.

OkamiDen is the sequel to the original Okami on PS2/Wii/Ps3 and despite being on a handheld system they pulled it it off really well. Sure, it has a lot of loading gates in the overworld but it pretty much does a great job and tries to expand on the story and puzzles a bit. Sure, it’s not done by Clover but I didn’t see so many problems with it some die hard Okami fans might have mentioned. Maybe I just heard wrong about it, but it kept me from playing the game for a long time. Being a game like Zelda is a wonder why Nintendo never tried to make a proper 3D Zelda game on the NDS but we have OkamiDen for that I suppose.

Apart from that I need to get my PC back together, ordered a solid state drive and a new smaller hard drive and hopefully I can keep it together without losing a ton of data data again. The SSD should speed things up and hopefully provide me a working system till I can build a new one as attempt to move to Intel parts and move from my AMD parts addiction, as much as I love em. Gonna be hard saving up for parts with the new Nintendo console popping up next year. PC gaming wise I might try some things like Minecraft or Doom3 with its bad loading times and test out my new SSD a bit with the upgraded speeds.

Marshall Garvey – TellTale Walking Dead: Season One (Mac)

This is probably the 1,000th time I’ve cited Walking Dead in my WWPTW entry, but this time it’s different! I’ve been replaying the game nonstop as of late due to losing my save files inexplicably some time ago, when I had only made it to the end of episode three. I finally broke into episode four last night, and already my heart is pounding with anticipation of how things are going to conclude. I’d like to get back to Borderlands 2 when time allows, but in addition to a full-time job, LTG duties and other hobbies (on top of fall and winter being generally busy for me) gaming time is a tad limited at the moment.

However, with that said, the increased pay of my new job is making getting a PS4 before year’s end very likely. Should I get a decent amount of birthday money, I might just take the plunge and get it at last, along with Until Dawn as my first game. Given my preoccupation with LTG’s grand overhaul, don’t expect much in the way of reviewing. But I would love to recap my playthrough somewhat in future WWPTW entries.

Jake Rushing – Bloodborne (PS4)

Since we’re in the month of October, i figured that i play exclusively games with horror themes in some form. Out of all of the options that I have, Bloodborne appeared to be the most appealing option out there to me, so I’m just playing it until I beat it.

Bloodborne is definitely a difficult game to play, with some time to ultimately master the enemy patterns and controls in order to survive.

It’s not to say that it’s not fun to play. As it is my first game into the Souls series, it’s a fun game to master on the pace these games like to set. And is it’s satisfying when you finally beat a certain boss, or through a difficult enemy.

As of right now, I’m navigating through Yahar’Gul Chapel and I just made my first attempt to beat the boss (without any success). I don’t feel terrible. I feel that it’ll take me a few more tries to beat it. If I can overcome 2 of the 3 hunters in that group in a single try (after multiple attempts), then I’ll be alright. It couldn’t be any harder than that Blood-Starved Beast that took me forever to beat.

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