What We’re Playing This Week – Rainy Weather Edition

By Jake Rushing


Jake Rushing – The Last Guardian (PS4), Xenogears (PSOne)

Man, I can’t get enough of bringing Trico around. I am adored by Trico! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. I am nearing completing the playthrough, as I am very close to finishing The Last Guardian. So I’ll have that wrapped up for this week.

As for this week, once I’m done with The Last Guardian, I feel that I’m in a mood to try out one of the old school RPG classics, so I decided that I want to try out Xenogears. I figured that since Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is coming out this year, I’ll look into investing my time to a series that I have seem to enjoy thanks to Xenoblade Chronicles. I am looking forward to seeing where the adventure takes me!


Marshall Garvey – The Last Of Us (PS4)

Weird as it may seem, I couldn’t spend EVERY waking moment of my free time with Fallout 4. I have a few other titles to spin on my new console, the next in line being The Last Of Us, gifted to me for Christmas by my wonderful brother. I may be late to the party (if you’ll remember, it was one of the first games we reviewed here at LTG!), but with the sequel forthcoming I guess my timing works out. I’ve only dipped my toes into the game just last night, but I am hooked already. Honestly, the opening sequence alone spelled out I was in for a gaming experience like no other. The sheer feeling of terror as you watch the chaos unfold moment by moment, all leading up to that tragic ending…I can’t think of a sequence that sets a tone quite like it.


Terry Randolph – Final Fantasy XV (PS4), Overwatch (PS4), Undertale (PC)

Ok, so I know I put Undertale as my number 1 game of 2016…and that was because I thought I finished the game. Turns out, I still have a little more to go before completion. That said, this game is hilarious, chock full of homage and references to classic games that I got to enjoy when I was younger. It’s a game I recommend to anyone looking for a retro-nostalgic experience that is full of life, spirit, and energy.

Otherwise, I’m looking to start moving into playing competitive Overwatch after this current season ends (Season 3 for competitive, i think?). I’m still picking up some aspects of the game I had yet to understand, but I’m feeling like I’m making better strides. So far, I think I’ve figured out my mains I’m extremely comfortable with: Zenyatta, Lucio, and D.Va. Once I feel I have these characters down, I’m looking to learn Zarya and Genji. Overwatch has been a nice, refreshing departure from the other games I’ve played, and has been a multiplayer experience I can always come back to.
Last, I’m going to continue Final Fantasy XV because man am I loving it. The aesthetic, intuitive feel, and atmosphere all scream the Final Fantasy. I cannot get enough of this game once I start playing. I can see the cracks of the game, but overall it’s a stark difference from Final Fantasy XIII.

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