What We’re Playing This Week – World Series Edition

By Last Token Gaming Staff

Terry Randolph – NieR: Automata (Playstation 4), Elex (Playstation 4)

NieR: Automata is beginning to shape up as one of the weirdest game I have gotten to play for the longest time. So far, it’s a story about an Earth that no longer houses humanity, and about androids built by said humanity in order to reclaim Earth back from the robots who took control. Of course, like any solid sci fi story, there’s thematic exploration of existentialism,what defines sentient life through artificial intelligence, all peppered together to create some sort of madness on screen. Pair that with the games genre switching style of Brawler, to 2.5D platformer, to shoot them up and that summarizes NieR: Automata without giving too much away. While it’s certainly been a year with its rough spots, 2017 is shaping up to be a solid year for gaming.

Elex is going to be other game I’ll be focusing on as it’ll be the first review key Last Token Gaming has received outside of TellTale. From what I know, this review will take a while as the game is anticipated being 40-50 hours for campaign time. As a budget game, it’s pretty promising within the first hour of playing through. The lore feels like it’s stitched together in a way that feels weird, but cohesive. The combat feels like solid RPG fighting experience borrowing elements from games like The Witcher series. And the dialogue morality system seems to borrow and adapt Mass Effect’s concept. I’m hoping that as time goes on, the little qualms I have with the game dissipate or else that could be the thing that holds it back from being a solid game.



Jake Rushing – Dead Space Extraction(Wii)

I haven’t given my Wii console some love this year so far, so I figured that I would select Dead Space Extraction as my last game to play for Halloween. So far, it’s a Dead Space game like I have experienced, but a rail shooter instead of third person perspective like in the Dead Space trilogy. It’s becoming just as harrowing as I expected, but with some frustrations that are unique to the game. Since you do have to shoot Necromorphs using a WiiMote, there would be times where the enemies are placed far away, or the targets are too small to even aim at and fire properly. Other than that, it’s just a solid Dead Space game.

I am also surprised that this game is surprisingly short. I started the game on late Sunday, and on Tuesday I already made it to Chapter 7. I will be slow on progressing through this game since I have a couple of projects to finish up by next week, but this game for sure will be the last game that I plan to play for Halloween.

Sean Willis – Terraria (PC – Steam)

So many games with Halloween events and I end up playing Terraria of which I’ve played before but meh, it’s fun with friends. I haven’t played it since before achievements and cloud saving was a thing so now my winged green armor guy with a staff that makes raining clouds that kill things is not powerful enough. Constantly getting killed from the Halloween boss monsters. Though my biggest problem is organizing all my items again. Thankfully I was able to restore my old files after a semi hard drive crash but now maybe I shoulda started a new cause I have no idea why I was collecting all this junk for. Oh well, borrow some weapons and armor and shoot stuff I guess. Someone gave me a ridable unicorn, they have those now, I painted it green.

Sides that been trying to play a little Vanquish, Binary Domain, Rocket League, get back into Realms of the Haunting but haven’t played much to talk about. Mostly wrestling with getting my Wii U pro pad to work on my PC with an old bluetooth adapter, works fine when it wants to.

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