Poem – The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

By Dave De Leon

(Editor’s Note: This is a guest piece written by a fan of ours, about the thrill of seeing the hallowed Nintendo PlayStation console in person after years of anticipation. Dave and a few of the staff had the chance to see (and play!) the actual hybrid console at Sac Gamers Expo last December, and it was indeed a dream come true. Enjoy this heartfelt tribute to the ultimate console!

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

There was a time where I glanced upon a page

What was this magic conjured without a mage?

A new rumored system that united two powers

The likes of which me and my cousin debated for hours

What kind of marvel would this creation become?

Would it become the ultimate embodiment of fun?

Only a artistic rendition was needed for my minds eye

To create visions of grandeur and expectations so high

This was the year of our lord 1990, the turn of a century

Much has changed, now in the age of digital wizardry

Most like me, wondered would proof ever emerge

That once upon time these two powers were on the verge

Of conquering the world, the world of digital fantasy

Then an estate sale brought you from fiction to reality

The pages from long ago, bore you into my dreams

You were indeed as real as the flesh on my hand it seems

Soon, very soon, I will see the stuff dreams are made of

The cold hand finally recieving a warm, insulated glove

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