Pokémon Party w/ Super Soul Bros at AFKgg in San Jose @ 9/22

If you guys are outside the bay area, or have no idea what AFKgg Gamer Lounge is, AFK is a gaming themed restaurant/bar that also has consoles and PCs available to play. So yes, you can pwn some noobs while sipping on your rum and coke or munching down on your burger & fries. While AFKgg allows gamers to come over and wind down after a day of work, it’s also well known for throwing plenty of events, from trivia nights to video game tournaments to even live band performances by video game inspired bands!

Well, next Friday on September 22nd, AFKgg is throwing a big Pokemon Party celebrating the release of Pokken Tournament on Nintendo Switch and re-release of Pokemon Gold/Silver for the 3DS!

If you guys are old enough to drink, AFKgg will have their Pokemon Go themed cocktails, with a  selection is inspired by the teams of Instinct, Valor, and Mystic. So grab a cocktail of your Pokemon Team (Go Valor!)

AFKgg will also open their back patio (yes, they have a patio) at 7pm, followed by Pokken Tournament free play throughout the entire evening starting at 7:15pm.

At 8pm, Eiko’s Balloons will be making Pokemon themed balloons out in the outdoor patio.

Lastly, if you enjoy listening to live music, and if you love any video game-themed music, the event will have a couple of live performances with video game themed bands!

Viking Guitar, a metal band from Aptos, will be performing on the backdoor patio at 8:15pm. If metal music isn’t your thing, then you can play Pokken Tournament until 9:30pm. At that point, Super Soul Bros. will take the back patio and play their upbeat jazzy tunes! They are both enjoyable to listen to, so if you are planning to go see a live performance, I’d recommend seeing at least one of the bands.

So that’s all AFKgg’s Pokemon Party has to offer. Come on down to San Jose, put your trainer caps on, and enjoy the event. As a patron of this bar, they enjoy throwing these kinds of events, so this is certainly not an event to miss if you can help it!

Come check out their event on Facebook here.


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