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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: The Review You Were All Waiting For

by Isaac Smith To be frank, I don’t think anyone was really waiting for reviews of the new Zelda game….

The Thrill of Beating an Impossible Battle

What is it about an impossible battle or insane boss fight that thrills us? It’s almost masochistic in a way….

What is Speedrunning and Why I love It

*This is a freelance piece written by Cameron Mohr Gaming. When you think of gaming a specific image may form…

Top 10 Greatest Game Over Screens

By Marshall Garvey and Sean Willis “Game Over.” No words are as deflating, saddening and sometimes devastating to a gamer….

When is a game a challenge, or just frustrating?

By Terry Randolph What defines a challenging game versus a game that’s just challenging? It’s a question I’ve been asking…

Top 15 Most Annoying Enemies

By the Last Token Gaming Staff Last year, we put together a list of what we considered the 10 worst…

LTG Discussions: Titanfall Beta Impressions, Batman Arkham News, and More

Hi everyone, time for our bi-weekly discussions over here at Last Token Gaming. For this discussion we have Brett, Amanda,…