This Day in Gaming History: June 10th, 1992 – Street Fighter II is Released for the Super Famicom in Japan

By Michael Mygind

Heralded as the definitive fighting game, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, not only set the standard for the genre, but reinvigorated the competitive nature of video games. On this day in gaming history, the arcade blockbuster featuring eight diverse fighters, hit the home console with its release of Street Fighter II on the Super Famicom in Japan, turning living rooms into proving grounds and siblings into rivals. It would see release on the SNES in North America that following July and in Europe in December of the same year. Various magazines awarded it “Game of the year” and praised it for its near-perfect arcade conversion. Both a critical and commercial success, the game would go on to sell 6.3 million units worldwide on the Super Famicom/SNES alone, making it Capcom’s best-selling game on a single platform to this day. It is truly an amazing game and cannot be played in the presence of others without hearing someone exclaim, “I call winner!”

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  1. I think your figures might be off. 1.5 billion dollars for 6.3 million units would mean each unit cost 238.10 dollars or 404.76 in 2015 dollars

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