What We’re Playing This Week, 2015 Kickoff Edition

By the Last Token Gaming Staff

Marshall Garvey: My chief fix has of course been God of War II, whose Hall of Fame Review I’m currently wrapping up. But aside from ripping the heads off Medusas and goring minotaurs, my “leisure” game of choice has been the always reliable The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. While not quite as intimate as Morrowind (my favorite of the series) or as eye-bogglingly bigger than life as Skyrim, it’s still a rich experience as it approaches nine (!) years old. It’s arguably the best looking of the three, with lush colors and serene environments that make getting lost for hours feel like mere minutes. Not to mention, it features the indelible Sheogorath, who I picked as my #1 gaming character of all-time in one of my earliest articles here at LTG. Plus, going on a kick with a Bethesda open-world game always gives me an excuse to customize my character to look like one of my obscure heroes. I started a new “good guy” file as Paul Weller (one of my favorite musicians), and managed to make it look as much like the Modfather as the limited character customization feature would allow…but I ended up getting stuck in one of the game’s many dark dungeons. So I’ve put more effort in the meantime into my “bad guy” file, where I kill and steal freely and do the bidding of the Dark Brotherhood. And my name for this thieving malcontent? None other than Tub of Shit. And I chose to make him a Nord, so as to give him the most optimally ugly face possible. Truly, I am a genius.


Michael Mygind: Being a SNK fanboy, I scrounged together some funds and pulled the trigger on a Neo Geo AES. So, I’ve been playing a lot of NAM 1975 and Samurai Spirits/Shodown II lately and will be bingeing on King of Fighters ‘94 when it arrives from Japan. I have also been playing a lot of Wolfenstein: The New Order on 360 and will be continuing that through this next week. I went into it thinking that I’d be going through the whole game with guns blazing, but I’ve actually been having more fun going the stealthy silent takedown route. However, charging a pack of Nazis with two automatic shotguns is very satisfying. Overall, I’m very impressed, am anxious to see how the rest plays out and would definitely recommend it.


Terry Randolph: With an impending major featurette I’ve got planned for the site…my weekend is all about that Kingdom Hearts. I’m looking forward to really dissecting the series and writing it out in a way that’s easy to understand. When I’m not playing that….I’m gonna be wanting to break things in kicking off our new Let’s Suffer series by playing yet another game from the craptastic era of Square Enix: MindJack. Pray I don’t lose my mind.

Video from the “One From the Vault” category:

Jake Rushing
: I’m playing Pokemon Red/Blue for a Hall of Fame Review that will be underway soon! I also have a backlog of games that I need to play before I keep forgetting, so I started playing Bit Trip Runner 2 and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. I’ve enjoyed the first Bit Trip Runner because it’s part of the series that gives a nice retro look and gives me a constant reminder on why indie games exist in the first place. I’ve also enjoyed the Prince of Persia series (not the old ones, the more recent ones like Sands of Time), and I have been meaning to play that for a long time but I never got around to it.


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