What We’re Playing This Week – Marchin’ On

Isaac: Well, Stardew Valley just came out, so there goes my week.

If you haven’t heard about this game, it has been in development for several years by one of the same minds at Chucklefish that brought you Starbound (Terraria in Space!). This one is a Harvest Moon clone on the surface, but it looks to be a lot deeper and more complex than HM ever really wanted to be. I’m not too far into it, but I will definitely be reviewing it soon.

Also worth mentioning: Minecraft 1.9 patch just came out yesterday, and oh my goodness is it gorgeous and terrifying. It’s a combat update, which means weapon and armor mechanics have been changed, as well as mob behavior, animations and textures. The combat feels a lot more like it’s its own thing, instead of just “Click enemies with sword to make them die, while wearing armor that makes you invincible to everything but lava.” There’s a push and pull to it now, and my typical Minecraft attitude which I’ve spent close to a thousand hours playing with… doesn’t work anymore. I nearly died in the first 5 minutes of playing. And I’m really excited about that! It seems balanced and challenging. But while the world is freaking out about that, I’m going to be playing Stardew Valley.

Terry Randolph: Unfortunately, my games I’ll be playing this week remain the same: FallOut 4 and Fire Emblem Fates. The reason? I am a completionist (for the most part). FallOut has A LOT of side quests and missions to accomplish, and will even need a second playthrough for me to complete everything (you can’t play every faction through to the end in one playthrough sadly). While I’m away from my console, Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest has really won me over with its insane difficulty and challenge. Conquest punishes you for the mistakes you make in strategy, and forces you to really think on every decision you make. Hopefully I’ll have my long-awaited review for FallOut ready soon so I can move on to the next big game on my backlog list.

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