What We’re Playing This Week – May Flowers Edition

Terry Randolph – Persona 5 (Playstation 4), Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (Xbox One), Overwatch (Playstation 4)

So…I totally caved in and bought my Persona 5 as an early birthday gift for myself. A little bit of me is kicking myself in the butt for buying it amidst reminding myself that I am trying to work on being a little more fiscally responsible than I have been the last few years. However, I have always enjoyed the Shin Megami Tensei series, love dungeon crawling RPGs, and love the insane challenge the series aims to provide. Not to mention, it’s 100+ hours worth of gameplay, so it should keep me at bay for a while when it comes to playing video games. I know I’m going to like this game; from the distinct franchise’s anime art, to the game’s aesthetic in terms of music and visual atmosphere, to the gameplay mechanics…it’s going to be a game I’m sure might contend with Horizon: Zero Dawn as being the best game I’ve played this year (yeah…i haven’t played Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild so I’m sure my view is “limited”).

I am also starting to play Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst since I was able to get it for free due to Microsoft randomly giving me credit. So far, I’ve found the aspects I genuinely love — and hate — about the series. Mirror’s Edge has always had a soft spot in my heart because of the unique gameplay style it presents. Problem is, the control scheme feels really weird and out of sync in comparison to other games. There are a few sidequests I had to learn were simple fetch quests that are randomly generated and are the exact same (*cough* deliveries) but the game’s challenging gameplay design and open-world expansion for the once-linear series is refreshing. I’m not sure how far I will want to delve into the game just yet due to the two major time sinks I have (I really, really want to play Witcher 3 also since I got the Complete Edition on sale).

If I need a break, I am going to attempt continuing to play Overwatch more in competitive as the season draws to a close. The mechanics are taking a lot to memorize for different characters, but when team synergy and winning streaks come into play it makes the game very, very satisfying.

Jake Rushing – Xenogears (PS1), Shovel Knight (PC)

Not too long ago i finished Zelda (a solid ending to a solid game), so now i can focus on my backlog!

First up is Xenogears. I made a bunch of progress, i got plenty of sections left, but I’m about at least 2/3rds into the game now. I’m going to wind down a bit with a focus into my job search, but I’m going to spend some time working through the story bit by bit.

I also heard that Shovel Knight just recently released their new expansion campaign, Spectre of Torment! To try and continue the LTG trend of reviewing Shovel Knight, I will work on playing the campaign a write a review about it. I will say about it though is that it’s not as tough as Plague of Shadows campaign, but I can say it stresses me out a bit more than the original Shovel Knight campaign ever did for me, and I only completed a few levels so far!

Ben Fitzgerald – Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal (PC)

I completed Shadows of Amn sometime last week and immediately moved to the conclusion of the saga. Soon I will decide whether to take my father’s place as the new God of Murder or whether to forge my own destiny. Pretty heavy stuff.

I’m going to be writing a comprehensive review of Baldur’s Gate 2 in the near future, so I don’t want to reveal too much, but let me just say that this has been a glorious and epic quest. I almost never play as evil characters, but I actually want to be evil in this game to experience a different side of the story and get to know some less admirable companions. It’s safe to say that this is one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played.

Sean Willis – Legos Dimensions (real life/xbox360/WiiU)

Not sure why I’ve gotten into collecting so much lately but found some deals on Lego Dimensions sets. I admit I just like building these tiny builds based on some favorite movies or games (portal 2 mostly) and what I’ve tried of the game is actually kinda silly. Easy and simple sure but I like what it aims to do and I think it’s one of the better uses of NFC chip style game implementations out there. I managed to get the Midway level set and plan to build the starter pack portal with my niece and nephews so saving that for them when the family meets up together. I admit I had to build the vehicles and things myself but, I mean, could always just take those apart and they do need to rebuild them so, can’t hurt heh. Never grow out of Legos I say, I still build some of the Creators series sets on occasion just because I find it relaxing. I’ve been meaning to take to Lego Designer and make some of my own builds then order the parts though but it’s a little costly. I also managed to get a little help from the Lego Dimensions customer support who helped me get a working copy of the Wii U version and a usb nfc scanner or also known as the toy pad which I learned isn’t cross compatible between versions, odd that. Still their customer service was pretty nice to me about it and I didn’t have to buy a whole other set just to play on two consoles. Ya weird I’d need two I admit but Wii U is still a little semi portable and useful to me. Waiting on a PC and maybe Switch (if the price goes down) version one day if Lego Dimensions sticks around for long time, I hope it does. Also Lego Worlds/Lego Dimensions cross over support would be nice, am I the only one that thinks that?

Isaac Smith – I’ve actually been getting back into EVE Online. It’s a guilty pleasure, but I enjoy the idea of getting to explore business economics in a more sterile environment, that, y’know, won’t completely ruin my life and credit if I make bad decisions. The transport, manufacture and sale of goods is really interesting! Seeing how all the cogs work together to form an economy like the one in EVE tickles a special nerdy, intellectual spot in my brain and I dig it.

As for other stuff, I’ve been playing a lot of Disgaea: PC. I owned it on PS2 way back when, and really wanted to beat it and unlock everything. It’s a grind-fest, granted, but it’s fun to come up with unique ways to beat enemies outside your weight class, or solve the map-based puzzles the game throws your way. The art and humor has also aged pretty well, though some of the battle animations look like cheap particle effects (because that’s probably what they were!). It’s a game I enjoy.

Finally, I played through Princess Remedy: A World of Hurt. It’s free on Steam, and it takes just over an hour to beat if you want to play it all in one sitting. For an indie game on Steam, it’s pretty nice. For a free game that was made during a Game Jam, it is an absolute treasure. Check it out! The price is right.

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