What We’re Playing This Week – Wandering Edition

Isaac: I’m finishing up Stardew Valley! I gotta say, it’s a fabulous game. It has its flaws here and there, but as many of you saw in my review, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’m moving on to Factorio, a game about automation and industry. It’s… really, really addictive. It’s wickedly complex, often unforgiving, and a brainache at times, but all of those things are points in its favor for me. I love it. It’s not a new game, but I may write a review of it later, once I get deeper into it!

Not a lot of gaming this week… but spring break awaits! I’m sure my wife will enjoy spending her time off with me, playing video games 9 hours a day. That sounds fun, right? … right?

Terry: Tom Clancy’s The Division (Xbox One), Life is Strange (Xbox One) or Undertale (Steam) – After having played a total of 6 days, 7 hours and 45 minutes (I checked the Game Hub last night) and having recorded 3 days, 5 hours and 20 minutes of wandering the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Boston to complete FallOut 4 (well…one out of the 3 endings) I’m going to appreciate sitting back and mainly putting my focus onto one game I’ve been looking forward to: Tom Clancy’s The Division. I’ve been waiting on this game for 3 years and I can’t wait to see how much it improved upon since the beta impression (which can be read here). More importantly, I can’t wait to be wandering around a post-apocalyptic New York, especially one that looked as good as it did int he beta. I also plan on tackling or starting some other games I have in my Backlog in order to keep up my Backlog Challenge: Life is Strange or Undertale.

I love story-driven games, and FallOut 4 was supposed to be as much about story as gameplay… but felt more like I was wandering around a place I didn’t particularly care for.  I’ll cover that in the review. I’m hoping Life is Strange will give me the fix I’m looking for when it comes to story over gameplay.

Or if I play Undertale I can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about. This game was on my radar for the longest time because of all the positive press and talk it’s received. I definitely want to sink my hands into it, but admittedly I’m lamenting the possibility of another 60+ hour game after FallOut took WAY longer than anticipated.

Admittedly, I’m noticing that the games that most excite me allow the wandering around to experience the world the developer has built. It’s what makes me excited to take on future games like Just Cause 3The Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and even Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

That said, this week is going to be a breather before tackling other games on my list…which I also need to update.

Jake Rushing: Pokémon Red (Gameboy), Little Mermaid (Gameboy), and Pokémon Silver (Gameboy) – I’ve gotten to a point where I’m about finished playing Pokémon Red. Once I beat the Elite Four and catch Mewtwo, I can say that I’m finished, because besides, who doesn’t stop playing Red/Blue/Yellow until they catch Mewtwo?

Once I finished Red, I’ll play through one of the games that I used to own as a young lad, which I lost years and years ago, Little Mermaid. As much as I’d rather play another Pokémon, I had to get this game to complete my collection that I had as a kid, so therefore this counts as part of my own challenge to complete all of the games in my back log. Thankfully, Little Mermaid is probably one if the shortest games I’ve ever owned, so it won’t take me more than a half hour to beat the game.

So once I finish Little Mermaid, I wanted to play another Pokémon game. But the question is, do I play Pokémon Yellow and play my last game of the first generation, or do I take a break from the first generation and play Pokémon Silver? After debating, I decided to pick Silver as the next Pokémon game to play. Hopefully I can try and complete this game as soon as possible.

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