What We’re Playing This Week – Groundhog’s Day Edition

Terry Randolph – Overwatch (Playstation 4), Dishonored 2 (Xbox One), Final Fantasy XV (Playstation 4)

Keeping true to playing the games I already have, I’m still keeping myself occupied with Overwatch as my main game. As it stands, Overwatch has an insane amount of depth that I feel I’ve barely caught onto, and has me wanting to learn the finer gameplay skills it demands. I’m also starting to figure out the characters I really enjoy playing, which has made the game fun…if frustrating. That said, the game variants vary enough to be enjoyable and not feel like a grind most MOBA’s can end up feeling. Hopefully soon enough I’ll feel comfortable jumping into the competitive arena aspect.

I also got my copy of Dishonored 2 back, which is something I really want to get back into. This was the game I wanted to play to pass the time before Final Fantasy XV. I also wanted to beat one of the two story lines before heading to Singapore. However, given my penchant to want to do as pure of stealth modes as possible (which I never do since I sound alarms when I don’t expect it) games like these take a lot of focus and time. It’s also a series that I feel is heavily underrated. From the atmosphere, to the art style, and gameplay, it’s a game that feels very creative and thought out. While the story hasn’t always been the best, it’s got the makings of a vintage classic revenge story.

Between all of  this, Final Fantasy XV, and Overwatch, my hands will be full for a while. After this, I plan on tackling The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY edition and Kingdom Hearts 2.8.

Jake Rushing – Xenogears (PS1)

The game is keeping me hooked. Unfortunately, since I’ve been busy, it’s a long game and i reached roughly 1/5th of the game, this is going to be the only game that I’ll play for a while for now at least. At least the boss fights have becoming more challenging as i progress, which is fun!

Sean Willis – Pokemon SoulSilver, Black, Y, Sun (DS/3DS), Disc Jam (Steam)
I dunno whats with me lately but I paid in for a Pokemon Bank subscription and have been playing all my DS and 3DS pokemon games all at once lately. Catching duplicates and making teams I’ve always wanted. I never had another Pokemon game since Red and Blue until SoulSilver came along. Though I’d buy the games on occasion I’d often play half way and quit from either getting stuck at a junction and/or perhaps just losing interest. For whatever reason I’ve been getting into Sun which fixes a lot of things but makes the game a bit too easy sometimes though I’ve had some interesting battles. Transfering pokemon from SoulSilver requires I complete Black so now I’m on a goal to finally finish that game so I can transfer SouldSilver pokemon to Black then to Y and then to Sun. I can skip Y but might as well fill the pokedex first. Though I find myself farming eevees like crazy in Sun, they made it so much easier to breed them so I have boxes full of them now. Up to my eyeballs in eevees. Thankfully a favorite of mine but I think I’ve gone too far looking for shinies and aiming to build a full team of eevees as is my goal with all the games really. Dunno what I’m gonna do once I finish the games and get what I want but eh, least I’ll finally complete them instead of just letting them sit. Wish my Red and Blue games sill had working batteries or that I had the notion to replace them instead of play them on an emulator. That or the Virtual Console one that can transfer via the Pokemon Bank. Sigh, I’m addicted to this suddenly. Sorta wish I completed these games back when but eh, its kinda fun playing them all at once instead of one at time. I’ve always been impatient with RPGs I guess.

Other than that I’ve been trying to practice my virtual disc throwing skills in Disc Jam as of late.
An update introduced 2 vs 2 matches and I’ve starting playing with a friend. I need to pick up some terminology about different types of moves and things but I generally have fun with it. Plus there’s a gashapon (capsule machine) like unlock system which like Pokemon has me in a sudden mood for collecting things. I’ll have to start streaming my matches maybe and perhaps the WindJammers game I play via emulator in between Disc Jam matches.

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