What We’re Playing This Week – PC Edition

Jake Rushing – Super Time Force Ultra (PC), Undertale (PC), Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (PC)

After beating Metroid II, I have tried to start playing Pokémon Trading Card Game, I have discovered that the save battery needs a replacement. As I’m waiting for the batteries to arrive in the mail, I decided that I going to start going through a chunk of my PC gaming backlog, playing 15-16 games at a time since I have many more PC games than I can keep track of.

To start off my backlog, I will finish off Super Time Force Ultra, a game that I have started over a year ago that I stopped playing after reaching the final boss. I will beat the final boss and finish the game. Which is rather unfortunate, as the game is a ton of fun to play with rewriting history by playing a platformer through rewind mechanics.

Once I finished that, I will check out the recent celebrated indie classic Undertale. I’m looking forward to checking out what the rage is with the charm and humor that the game brings.

Finally, before the end of the week, I will start playing Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, a PC game that I purchased years ago that I never got to beat. I will play this game with intention that I’ll finally beat the game and get up to speed with Assassin’s Creed games before I eventually start playing with Assassin’s Creed 3. And yes, I have played Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

Marshall Garvey – WarioWare: Smooth Moves (Wii), Aliens: Colonial Marines (Xbox 360)

With my soon-to-be-published book now being combed over by my historical society colleagues for its last edits, as well as my ever crowded work schedule and other endeavors, gaming has been a bit limited as of late. WarioWare: Smooth Moves continues to be my go-to play, providing an endless source of amusement and stress relief. What can I say? After a busy day of work, exercising and writing, there’s just something about slapping Wario in the face or pulling a nose hair out that just hits the spot.

On the far, far, far, far, far, far, far….far…worse side of things, I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that around a year after reluctantly purchasing it at Gamestop, I finally plunged into Aliens: Colonial Marines with my great friend Shane Canton recently. Even after many viewings of Angry Joe’s brilliant takedown of it back in 2013, nothing could have prepared me for how stupefyingly hideous this thing truly is. The Xenomorphs are stiff, predictable and have laughably bad A.I., the characters are instantly forgettable, and worst of all, the game has you fighting HUMANS on the second level. That’s right…before you’re even on LV-426, the Xenomorphs and facehuggers are chucked aside like a forgotten plaything so you can go COD on some Weyland Yutani mercenaries. As of this writing, Shane and I have yet to progress past it.

It’s hardly unprecedented for great movies to be sullied with a bad license game. But few movie license titles go out of their way to take everything that worked about the film and do the 180 opposite like Colonial Marines does. I fully intend to smack it down with a Gaming Disasters review later this year, perhaps with an accompanying Let’s Suffer video.

Terry Randolph – Uncharted 4 (Playstation 4), Undertale (PC/Steam),  Life is Strange (Xbox One)

This week is all about getting into Uncharted 4 and having a wonderful time with it. Towards the end of last week I got to stream some gameplay of the first Uncharted game that was part of the HD Remaster that was released on the Playstation 4. Having the chance to play the first one over again made me excited to see not only how far the series has come from a graphical perspective, but also Nathan’s perspective. I’m hoping if I can complete it this week I can dish out a heaping review of it for the site!

That said, I’m also really starting to enjoy getting through Life is Strange for a very simple reason: I can’t rush through it. With The Walking Dead: Michonne series, I was able to breeze through it because the game was tightly centered around Michonne and her story. There was not as much to explore within the environments because that would have detracted from the story. However, with Life is Strange, I’m really digging that I can take in every environment, interact with various people/objects, and get Max’s perspective. It’s refreshing and fun, and most of all it’s slow paced. It’s a welcome reprieve from the run and gun I’ve been playing as of late.

Also, I really want to finish Undertale because the game is way too much fun! I love the retro and charm to the game, and find it actually Hall of Fame worthy for the site. Be sure to check out the review when I have that ready.

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