WWPTW – Summer Is Icumen In Edition

By the Last Token Gaming Staff

Jake Rushing – Overwatch (PC), Fire Emblem Fates Birthright(3DS), Yoshi’s Safari (SNES),  Battle Clash (SNES), The Hunt For Red October (SNES), Operation Thunderbolt (SNES), Magikarp Jump (iOS/Android), Candy Crush Saga(iOS/Android)

So I never thought that this would happen. I finally got into Overwatch. And now I understand the hype about it. It is too good. So so good. I got my PC back for some time and I had to get a new USB Network adapter (since my old one kept disconnecting my PC from internet twice a day). I try and restrict myself to a match here and there, and given the mechanics of each character that are all easy to learn, hard to master (some are harder than others I have noticed).

As of right now, I am maining Reaper, Orisa, and Pharah (Edit: exchanging Roadhog for Reaper, he’s better than Reaper IMO). I am hoping that I can master these characters and move on to other characters in the Defense/Support classes. I love to be versatile with a great competitive game like Overwatch that’s why I’m always on overwatchboostpros.com site trying to get more boosting.

This upcoming weekend, I am going to be away in Mammoth Lakes, so I will be away from all video games, well except my 3DS, hence I will bring that and Fire Emblem Fates to play a few more stages at least.

I haven’t progress through my Super Scope games as I originally wanted to. That is ok, I will publish 2 articles in July for my Super Scope games. So before I depart for the mountain cabin, I will play Yoshi’s Safari, The Hunt for the Red October, Battle Clash, and Operation Thunderbolt.

Last but not least, I have also be back on mobile gaming. A friend of my girlfriends got me hooked on Magikarp Jump, and now I can’t stop playing it (since early June). I am in the final league, so hopefully I will beat it before the second week of July. I have also been playing head to head with my girlfriend on Candy Crush Saga for a while, trying to stay ahead one another (Spoiler alert, she is far ahead of me). It’s all fun for good competition.

Terry Randolph – Persona 5 (Playstation 4), Battlefield 1 (Xbox One), Heroes of the Storm (PC)

Honestly, I have shied away from playing games recently as I’ve been preparing for a surprise trip to Italy! That, and also I’m feeling currently burned out. However, during the time I will be playing I’m hoping to get through another palace in Persona 5 and progress the story even further. Judging from how it’s playing it, I might be nearing the end of this incredible journey! This Thursday, I’ll be play some Heroes of the Storm to shake things up a bit. Haven’t played a MOBA in a long time, so hopefully this’ll be a fun and exciting venture. Otherwise, it’s back to Battlefield 1 for some multiplayer, nonsensical fun.

Also trying to limit my gaming time to finish some reviews.

Sean Willis – Ever Oasis (3DS)

After trying the demo for Ever Oasis and enjoying the combat a bit (plus some lucky discounts I found) I ended up buying the game day one and have been working through it for the week. The characters are very charming and the whole feel of the game reminds me of Secret of Mana in a lot of good ways. The town management is cute and all characters I seem to befriend and stay in my town/oasis end up playable allies as well which is nice. However so far the variants are rather slim and its a bit surprising for a system that I know can handle much more than that. Very much expecting a short game as hints and clues already start to dry up as I’ve uncovered a lot of things just from my regular routine of exploration. Really don’t want it to end too short as I’ve really enjoyed it. Not much of a challenge for me but I still run into some bad situations when enemies group up. Reminds me of dark souls as far as rolling around enemies and avoiding telegraphed attacks go but I haven’t had much trouble avoiding damage. The first boss I ran into also wasn’t too difficult but it did cause me to use some health items so hopefully the second of what I assume is only five will try to do something tricky. Overall I enjoy it but I fear I’m going to be short changed a bit in the end. If so I’ll just have to hunt down the last Rune Factory game to get my fix of management and fantasy action RPG combat. Fingers crossed I’m just miss reading the clues to the game’s true structure.

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