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  • Sacramento Indie Arcade Expo 2015 Reflections

    Sacramento Indie Arcade Expo 2015 Reflections

    By Marshall Garvey, Jake Rushing and Isaac Smith   A week ago, on Saturday, April 11th, some of the most talented local game devs and many gaming enthusiasts met up at the Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo. Hosted at the Colonial Cafe on Stockton Blvd., it primarily served as a space for devs to share…

  • Reactions to Nintendo Direct

    Reactions to Nintendo Direct

    By the Last Token Gaming Staff As is the case, Nintendo just held another of their live conferences this year called “Nintendo Direct”. In these nearly hour-long events, Nintendo sends out their medley of top people to make major announces such as a new game or console. Other times, it can be relatively minor news,…

  • Mario kart 8 Review

    Mario kart 8 Review

    By Christopher Medrano   It’s that time again! Time to have a great time with friends racing as your favorite Nintendo characters…and also get frustrated when you get hit by every weapon possible trying to get one more race for 3 stars. However, with how good Mario Kart 8 is, you’ll still have a great…