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Originally started in 2013 as a blog for Sacramento gamer Terry Randolph to write about video games, Last Token Gaming has become something bigger than envisioned: a group of over 20 (and counting) staff members who are boundlessly passionate about games and the industry they’re created in.

Over the past two years, LTG has evolved into a full blown site dedicated to one goal; providing honest, passionate, coverage of all things video games. We do this with reviews, commentary, interviews, and videos that are unafraid to delve into topics that look at both the good and bad aspects of the industry we love.

In an internet saturated with gaming news and announcements, Last Token Gaming does more than just serve as a recycling bin for news and hype. Through our wide variety of articles and videos, we delve into the life blood of what’s best and most important about gaming. Interviewing independent game developers in-depth about what it takes to make a game, honoring the greatest games ever made in our Hall of Fame, providing guides on how to import and play rare titles and consoles from overseas, commemorating significant days in gaming history, writing detailed reviews of current titles, reviewing movies, books and other media related to gaming…we do it all with sincere passion and integrity. And we’re not bought and paid for by anyone.

Last Token Gaming also follows another major philosophy: gaming is a community for everyone. That means providing a space for people to discuss, play, and develop games together. Without the community the video game industry would never be where it is today. Gaming is equally about the experience as it is about the community.

Sound like a place you want to write for? Last Token Gaming is always looking for like-minded people whether it’s freelance writing, video reviews, audio recordings, or joining the staff to do all of that and more. Send us a resume along with sample work to the following address:


Thank you for visiting and supporting Last Token Gaming, and as always, game on!

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