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Co-founded in June 2013 by You Wei Randolph and Marshall Garvey, Last Token Gaming stands out in a gaming media world oversaturated with clickbait and bought-out reviews. We seek to create a space where writers celebrate the most immersive form of media with honesty and passion, not sensationalism and toxicity.

For more than a decade, Last Token Gaming has chronicled the video game medium past and present in manifold ways. Honest takes on current titles, Hall of Fame Reviews of classic games, deeply moving personal reflections, in-depth interviews with indie developers, honoring key dates in gaming history, advice on how to import and play foreign titles, rankings and lists… our articles and video are fresh, fun, unique, and written with trenchant expertise.

Throughout the years, we’ve become a trusted mainstay in the burgeoning game development scene in Sacramento, even leading Marshall to be recruited by acclaimed local filmmaker Matthew Gilliam to be a producer and Twitch streamer for GPU the Show. With more than a decade of stellar content, we remain wholly independent, with no plans on ever letting the site be swallowed up by some corporate conglomerate that will lay everyone off and replace the staff with AI sock puppets.

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