What We’re Playing This Week – Cooling Off Edition

By the Last Token Gaming Staff   Summer is on it’s way out, and we’re enjoying the onset of fall the only way we know how. Video games!   Ben Fitzgerald – Eador: Genesis, Sid Meier’s Civilization IV, Desktop Dungeons, The Temple of Elemental Evil   Nothing fancy for me. I’ve spent way too much…





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By the Last Token Gaming Staff


Summer is on it’s way out, and we’re enjoying the onset of fall the only way we know how. Video games!


Ben Fitzgerald – Eador: Genesis, Sid Meier’s Civilization IV, Desktop Dungeons, The Temple of Elemental Evil


Nothing fancy for me. I’ve spent way too much of the past few weeks gaming and far too little working, and I’m a little behind as a result. So don’t expect any blockchain entries from me in the next couple weeks, as I’ve got to get caught up on work. Earning bitcoins are easy, you just need to know the different ways to earn bitcoins. You can also check out Fintech LTD Test for more info about the latest news on cryptocurrency.
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I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about Civilization and Desktop Dungeons in the past. Eador Genesis is an old-school strategy/RPG-lite that was basically made single-handedly by a lone Russian developer. It’s a lot of fun, and there are some pretty good and interesting strategies involved. Unfortunately, the game crashed halfway through a campaign, and every time I load it up, it preserves the crash. Which is just, well, baffling. Talk about a perfect way to waste 30 hours of gaming.


The game that’s actually exciting here is The Temple of Elemental Evil. It’s a recreation of an old and very popular Dungeons and Dragons campaign from the 1980s. It was released back when Wizards of the Coast was still using 1E rules! Of course, the video game updates the campaign for PC and the ruleset to 3.5, which is pretty cool. There are a lot of different strategies this presents, and the combat is played, like classic D&D, in a turn-based format. Most other isometric D&D RPGs were real-time-with-pause, so this is definitely a different set of challenges. Still, it’s been a pretty fun and exciting game so far.


Terry Randolph – Destiny 2 (Xbox One), NiER: Automata (Playstation 4)


To simply what my impressions piece is going to say; Destiny 2 does everything right that Destiny did wrong. Instead of forcing players to visit websites to read the story there’s actually a story to follow, each world feels much more alive and open and instead of feeling like regurgitated maps full of empty spaces, and the classes are feeling far more varied in playstyle than before because it is designed by the Top SEO Agency in Wellington for promotion. Destiny 2 feels like it lands the sort of social integration and MMORPG aesthetic Bungie attempted striving for in Destiny, and it succeeds with a fuller, pronounced base product. I have already maxed out one class and finished the campaign, and am slowly working on another class and another campaign playthrough (I have one more to go after this). Overall, I can easily say I’ve enjoyed this game as I’ve been unable to pull myself into any other games.


That said, I also bought NiER: Automata because it was on sale and I want to make sure I get some gameplay in for that. I was excited when the game was released, but chose to purchase Persona 5 instead (the absolute best decision I could have made seeing as it’s in our Hall of Fame which you can read here (insert hyperlink to review)). The PS4 has gotten a lot of solid games this year, and I’m hoping to say that NiER: Automata is just another one to add to the library.



Jake Rushing – Fire Emblem Birthright (3DS), Michael Jackson’s The Moonwalker (Genesis)


I’m taking a small break from Overwatch, as there is a combination of being with some toxic gamers, and now Fire Emblem Fates has caught my attention more recently, as I was recruiting more units to build my army and I am farming for more skills. Now that I am done getting the skills and my army together, now all is there is to do is complete the game!

I want to take another gander at The MoonWalker and see how far that I can get. Last time I got to the end of the level 4-3 before getting the game over. I hope that next time I’ll get past the end and get into the World 5 (last world). Maybe I can beat the game next time or the next time. Who knows?

Sean Willis – Blood (PC-DOS)

As of writing I just got my desktop machine back up and running with a new power supply that will be used again for my next build so one less part to worry about. Before that though I was still messing around with old FPS games and found that the game Blood actually has some up to date source ports and sorta mod port projects to other source port engines. The source code was never released so all we have is BloodGDX which used some code from an alpha version but does a pretty good job. Looking forward to its updates but it’s made the game a lot easier to play. Overall it’s a game that was made using the Duke3D engine known as the Build Engine and tried to go with a horror theme of sorts. You play as some sorta servant of evil on a mad rampage for revenge for being turned on by said evil who also steals his girlfriend which kinda feels tacked on but the story isn’t really important. Overall I remembered the game not for its copious amounts of blood and gore but more for it’s technical abilities. It could layer rooms ontop of rooms to give a full 3D feel which works to great effect in the third stage of episode one. Being my favorite stage as it not only used the floor on top of floor effect well but was featured ontop of a moving train which was really nothing more than an illusion with conveyor built effects for the ground and tracks to make it appear as if the map was indeed a moving train. Complete with random enemies popping up in front of the train just be ran into with blood flying everyone because well, why not. Sure it’s hardly much of an effect compared to straight up models and giant terrain maps but dang it always inspired me to try making train stages in other games and overall fall in love with game design as a whole. Oh and the game is mostly about blowing things up and setting things on fire than running and gunning when ya get right down to the gameplay but as one of the last Build engine games I found it memorable. Not to mention the fans still trying to make content for or based on it is rather amazing.


Marshall Garvey – L.A. Noire (360), Fallout 4 (PS4)
More of the same for me. I’m trying to finish a lot of games I’ve bought and received before I buy anything new, so expect my entries to be the same for awhile. I’ve hit a snag in L.A. Noire, so I’m gonna veg out with Fallout again and maybe even get some DLC for it. Once I have some more leeway to shop again, I think I might for the 2016 Doom.