What We’re Playing This Week – Goddamn, It’s Hot Edition

By the Last Token Gaming Staff It’s another Sacramento summer that feels like Death Valley. Add in the end of the school year for many, and it’s a perfect time to curl up with some good games. Here’s what some of the LTG staff has been enjoying as of late. What are YOU playing this…





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By the Last Token Gaming Staff

It’s another Sacramento summer that feels like Death Valley. Add in the end of the school year for many, and it’s a perfect time to curl up with some good games. Here’s what some of the LTG staff has been enjoying as of late. What are YOU playing this week?

Marshall Garvey – Killer7 (PS2), Fight Night Champion (Xbox 360)  

Gaming has been quiet in my world, as I’ve been primarily busy preparing for my forthcoming family vacation in Europe. (I leave on June 13th, and return on the 26th, so I likely won’t be publishing much during that time save for our 3-year anniversary post.) I jumped back into Killer7, finally managing to break the logjam of an extremely frustrating puzzle before leaving off at a particularly frustrating boss battle. But no matter how much I get stuck, my adoration of this game continues to grow.

Before I leave, however, I’ll be using my employee discount at Dimple to grab a copy of Fight Night Champion for the 360 this Friday. While I’ve loved getting back into the third game recently, it’s more than time for an update, and this 2011 installment seems like the perfect choice. Aside from the usual armada of great fighters and challenging gameplay the franchise is known for, Champion distinguishes itself with a unique story mode that puts you in the shoes of Andre Bishop, a fictional fighter who navigates the tribulations of a boxing career from prison brawls to amateur fighting to a corrupt promoter in his pro career. I can’t wait to dive into it nonstop when I return from Europe.


Jake Rushing – Street Fighter X Mega Man (PC), Phoenix Wright Trilogy (3DS)

Back on my quest to play through 16 PC games in my first round of playing PC gaming backlog, I’m going to play through one of my favorite fan made games (that was made possible with Capcom’s help) called Street Fighter X Mega Man. For those who have no idea what this game is about, just imagine another Mega Man game, but replace robot bosses with fighters such as Ryu, Chun Li, and other fighters that came from Street Fighter series. A fantastic fan made game that I never got to beat. Hopefully, it’s short enough that I can finish it by early next week.

I feel like having a change of pace, so I decided to have a go a Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy that I got from a 3DS eShop sale and play through the first game of the trilogy. As it turns out, is just as captivating as it was when I first played it 3 years ago. I’m already halfway through case #4 so I might finish it before this weekend’s over.

Benjamin Fitzgerald – Icewind Dale II, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (PC)

Just a quick segment, as I’ve got a lot to do today. I am hoping to finish Icewind Dale II this week for my review, and I’ve also been playing the old LucasArts Indiana Jones adventure game. Harrison Ford couldn’t be bothered to provide his voice, but the actor they hired does a pretty good job. I’ve started this game twice before but have not, for one reason or another, gotten past the Egyptian (I think it was Egyptian) desert. This time, I hope to get further than that.

I really want to start playing the Mass Effect trilogy again. If I can get my TV hooked up, I will probably play one more campaign as Commander Shepherd – and this time, I get to play the game all the way through, and really see what effect my choices do (or don’t) have.

Sean Willis – Hand of Fate (PC), various Mario Karts, Ridge Racer 3DS

Might be heating up around our neck of the woods but for me that just means more racing games. Maybe it has something to do with the several fans I have setup around my gaming/PC area I dunno. Though I love a good high speed racing game any time really. Going back to many Mario Kart games lately (mostly to play multiplayer with my nieces and nephews) I’ve found myself finishing my three star rating, or rather realizing how rusty I am at the game. Mario Kart 7 was one of the first Mario Kart games I actually fully finished with a full three star ranking. I’ve always had trouble with the older ones. Though even Mario Kart 8 has given me some issues but they always get a tad annoying for me late game. Those pesky onslaught of blue shells augh. Though it’s never been quite as bad as the Wii version was, though I had my fun with that one back when too. Personally I still favor the eighth game as it at times feels like a slower blue shell covered version of F-Zero, one of my all time favorite racers. (Still love my Outrun 2019, always) Not to mention it has a couple F-Zero tracks and the Blue Falcon vehicle so that’s kinda nice.
I’ve also been returning to Ridge Racer 3D on 3DS again. It’s maybe not the best looking ridge racer game but it still has a lot of the core mechanics from the serious with the modern style of drifting and boosting system. Compared with the NDS version its a good jump and well, the 3D effects are done rather nicely too so sure its just another Ridge Racer port of sorts but it has its own unique flare to it I tend to enjoy.

Other than that I recently picked up Hand of Fate from a recent indie bundle deal. I’ve been waiting to try it for some time and I’m rather pleased with it. Though it is kind of a card based randomized batman style beat em up RPG er, thing? It’s fine that way, it just feels a little too Batman Arkham Asylum combat style wise. It’s all good though the dealer talks to you through out the game and you earn tokens on these card based adventures. Plays and feels like a text adventure game with cards just with a talking NPC dealer and beat em up style fighting scenes. It was well worth the price and I’m rather glad I got my hands on it finally. I suggest giving it a good look. Back to racing games for me though, I’m sorta addicted to fast moving types of games, its my happy place.