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  • LTG Book Review – Versus

    LTG Book Review – Versus

    As evidenced in recent years by the likes of outstanding authors like Brett Weiss and Patrick Hickey Jr., the time for writing video game history at a high level has truly arrived. Yet as more books come out, it’s becoming a bit too obvious to merely say that. While gaming may now be more profitable…

  • LTG Book Review: The SNES Omnibus, Vols. 1 & 2

    LTG Book Review: The SNES Omnibus, Vols. 1 & 2

    By Marshall Garvey As video games continue to soar as a cultural juggernaut, now making more money as an industry than both the film and music ones combined, the need for books that aptly compile their history grows accordingly. Not just any kind of book, but more specifically big books, the kind of exhaustive tomes…

  • Crash Override Review

    Crash Override Review

    By Jake Rushing Before I jump into this, I want to clarify that Last Token Gaming never waded into GamerGate situation back in 2014, so we are impartial to this situation. Even so, we at Last Token Gaming encourage one another to put effort into making internet a nicer place to be at when one…