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  • Is No Man’s Sky “No Man’s Game”?

    Is No Man’s Sky “No Man’s Game”?

      No Man’s Sky came out amid an uproar of hype that felt truly astounding. The developers were open-minded, earnest, and proud of their product (not just its revenue). They kept a dialogue going with NMS’ potential players during the development process, and took criticism seriously. The game itself looked gorgeous: beautiful beyond compare, with…

  • Calling all Gamers (and Writers!)

    Calling all Gamers (and Writers!)

    On New Year’s Eve, Terry and Marshall fittingly wound down the old year and began the new one by appreciating what Last Token Gaming had accomplished in 2015, and then discussing what we should aim for in 2016. While Marshall farted around on Skyrim before briefly sampling his new Grateful Dead concert Blu-Ray, we bounced…