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  • No Man’s Sky – Impressions

    No Man’s Sky – Impressions

    *No Man’s Sky is a game that I don’t think can be genuinely reviewed, but discussed via as an impression. That’s because the game can be a completely different experience between players that giving a “concrete” viewpoint (i.e. review) won’t due the game justice. Hence this being an impressions piece, and not a review Release…

  • Is No Man’s Sky “No Man’s Game”?

    Is No Man’s Sky “No Man’s Game”?

      No Man’s Sky came out amid an uproar of hype that felt truly astounding. The developers were open-minded, earnest, and proud of their product (not just its revenue). They kept a dialogue going with NMS’ potential players during the development process, and took criticism seriously. The game itself looked gorgeous: beautiful beyond compare, with…