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  • Spielberg Month Special Review – “Firewatch”/”Always”

    Spielberg Month Special Review – “Firewatch”/”Always”

    By Marshall Garvey Before we begin, let me acknowledge the obvious: Firewatch, the highly acclaimed 2016 mystery adventure game, is not in any way based on or affiliated with something made by Steven Spielberg. Given its premise, it seems as suited for Spielberg Month as soy sauce on a chocolate cake. After all, it’s a…

  • Presenting Spielberg Month!

    Presenting Spielberg Month!

    By Marshall Garvey Steven Spielberg is admittedly an odd, yet ultimately fitting, choice to emphasize for a gaming site. His history with video games is complicated, and more often than not, pretty underwhelming. As we all know, the go-to choice for worst game ever made is E.T. for Atari 2600, the hilariously rushed attempt to…