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  • A Sprinkle of Nostalgia

    A Sprinkle of Nostalgia

    By Jake Rushing A Sprinkle of Nostalgia During my years as a young child, the only way that I indulge in portable gaming is with my Game Boy, so you better believe that I played Pokemon Red, Tetris, and Super Mario Land 2 to name a few. When I went on long car rides, I…

  • What’s the Point of Casual Games?

    What’s the Point of Casual Games?

    by Benjamin Fitzgerald   Have you ever sat at your computer, bored into a stupor, only to find yourself engrossed in Minesweeper half an hour later? Or have you ever wandered into a nickel arcade, found an old Pac-Man machine and gone crazy? If you have, I hate to break it to you: you’re a…