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  • Undertale: Just Another RPG?

    Undertale: Just Another RPG?

    By Isaac Smith I’m well-versed in the JRPG style of game. I whet my teeth on Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and The Secret of Mana. I played indie tributes to games like them. I’ve played games that possess many similar characteristics to them, but manage to be different in their own way. Undertale is all…

  • Roundtable Discussion: Games of the Year, Disappointments

    Last week, Dom, Chris, Brett, Sigi, and Terry sat down to discuss their top games of 2013, disappointments, and just about the games of 2013 in general. Enjoy Also, warning, Terry admits a little spoiler that Walking Dead fans who haven’t caught up with the show would not want to know. Proceed at own risk!