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  • Horizon: Zero Dawn Review

    Horizon: Zero Dawn Review

    Release Date: February 28, 2017 Developer: Guerilla Games Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Genre: Action, Adventure, Open World System: Playstation 4 Playtime: 45 hours Guerilla Games and I have never gotten along. Their penultimate, Playstation-exclusive franchise Killzone was a massive disappointment to me. Labelling it the Halo killer, this first-person franchise felt more like a graphical…

  • Last Token Gaming Highlights of E3 2015

    Last Token Gaming Highlights of E3 2015

    By the Last Token Gaming Staff Whoa, E3 was a bit of a doozy wasn’t it? All of the major announcements being made (some HUGE, some small, and some completely unexpected) had things shaken up for what looks to be considered one of the stronger conventions in recent memory. As a follow up to our…