Terry’s Picks – 3 Characters for Smash

Ever since the closing of the Smash Ballot, and the reveal of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII joining the Super Smash Bros. roster, it leaves open the door of possibilities for hundreds of characters being able to join. With Sakurai aiming to announce the last new characters to be joining the game, all of us…





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Ever since the closing of the Smash Ballot, and the reveal of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII joining the Super Smash Bros. roster, it leaves open the door of possibilities for hundreds of characters being able to join. With Sakurai aiming to announce the last new characters to be joining the game, all of us at Last Token Gaming began to discuss who we thought should be able to join the ranks. From there, we decided it’d be more fun to choose our characters and flesh them out. Without further ado, here’s a new special feature from Last Token Gaming discussing the Top 3 characters, an honorary character, and a troll character we know probably won’t make it to the roster. Enjoy!


1. Okami:

  • Style: Brawler, Ranged
  • Weight: Heavy but fast
  • Jab: Paw (1st), Paw (2nd) and Bite (3rd)
  • Dash Attack: Body lunge
  • Air Attack:
    • Neutral: Element Wheel Spin -> Spins around horizontally around Okami
    • Forward: Spiral Hit
    • Back:  Back kick
    • Up: Backwards flip kick
  • Tilt :
    • Up: Wheel hop, elemental damage
    • Forward:  Fast Paint swipe slash
    • Down: Spin Attack ->
  • Smash:
    • Up: Elemental Wheel + Paint Swipe Up
    • Forward: Double Paint Slash + Fire Damage
    • Down: Fire Spin
  • B Button:
    • Neutral: Elemental Change
      • Fire: Huge Damage Upfront, Slight Residual Damage
      • Earth: Leeching Damage, but standard initial damage\
      • Water: Substandard Damage, but faster attack
      • Thunder: Mulitple hits per attack, ranges in damage depending on strikes landed
    • Up: Elemental Sword Attack
    • Forward: Paint Swipe Down to Shield/Projectile Reversal
    • Down:  Elemental Hop Back
  • Roll: Transforms into Ink Blot and moves from one side to other
  • Throw:
    • Grab: Bite
    • Up:  Bite, Throw Up + Wheel Hop
    • Forward: Bite + Throw
    • Backward: Bite + Throw + Paint Swipe
    • Down: Throw into ground + Bodied
  • Taunts:
    • Up: Sit and Howl
    • Forward: Fire engulfing Okami
    • Down: Lay down and close eyes
  • Final Smash: Stage turns into a scroll like appearance. Though opponent can move, Okami’s player can swipe as many paint strokes as possible to deal damage within 15 seconds.
  • Alternative Costumes: Silver Fur w/ White Fire, Black Fur w/ White Fire, Golden Fur w/ Red Fire, Ukiyo-E painting look


2. Krystal: Star Fox

  • Style: Weapon/Magic
  • Weight: Light
  • Jab: Staff attack x 3, Poke,  Bottom Right, Revese Spin (Backwards to the Left), then Overhead Slam + Temporary Paralyze
  • Air:
    • Neutral: Staff Slash with legs kicked out
    • Up: Backwards Spin Double Kick
    • Forward: Spin w/ Stick attack (has windbox)
    • Back: Back Kick
  • Tilt :
    • Up: Magic Jab (randomized, and no real difference)
    • Forward: Staff Poke (disrupts movement)
    • Down: Staff Ground Swipe that can spike
  • Smash:
    • Up: Stick Uppercut + Overhead Spin Attack
    • Forward: Throw Rainbow Ball + Mini-Triceratops Headbutt
    • Down: Ice Smash + Freeze Enemy
  • B Buttons/Specials:
    • Neutral: Shoot Blue Fire Out of Staff
    • Up: Jump, Use staff for balance, Kick opponent up into air
    • Foward: Staff Swing, Spinning, Hard Smash with Staff
    • Down:  Staff under opponent’s feet, lift up, Kick in Stomach
  • Roll: Dodge Roll
  • Throw:
    • Up: Grab, then low throw up with a staff uppercut
    • Forward: Grab, throw with light electro-ball projectile shot
    • Backward: Reverse Somersault w/ enemy thrown off staff
    • Down: Grab, thrown down into ground while jumping. Bounce off ground.
  • Taunts:
    • Up:Stand like a Sentinel, Slam bottom Staff down
    • Forward: Kneel Down and Pet Mini-Triceratops
    • Down: Turn her back to opponent.
  • Final Smash:  Freeze Opponent, Throw Giant Rainbow Ball, Triceratops Queen headbutts opponent
  • Alternative Outfits: Krystal Cat (nod to Dinosaur Planet game), Orange-Yellow Fur, Fox Outfit, Pink Outfit & White Fur


3. Sora:

  • Style: Sword, Projectile
  • Weight: Medium
  • Jab: Combo swing -> Swings Down, Bottom right to Top Left, Bottom Left to Top Right, then Spin Swing
  • Air Attack
    • Neutral Air: Aerial Spiral
    • Air Combo: Swing Top to Bottom, Bottom right to Top Left, Bottom Left to Top Right, then Aerial Vertical Slash. Last hit has chance of Critical and can spike -> 15% Total Damage (3%, 3%, 3%, 5-6% damage)
    • Up Air: Keyblade Swipe Up
    • Forward: Keyblade Poke/Jab
    • Back Air: Spin Swing -> 6% damage
  • B button:
    • Neutral B: Magic Effects added ->
      • Firaga = Increased Damage, Reduced Range  
      • Thundaga = Faster Speed, Reduced Attack
      • Blizzaga = Shield, Reduced Speed and Jump Height,
      • Aeroga = Jump Increase,
      • Graviga = Increased Smash, Reduced Defense
    • Up: Double Hop, Float (Recovery Move)
    • Forward/Side Smash: Sonic Blade (if timed right, can be used three times without lag punishment) 8-11% per attack, 24-32% max damage
    • Down: Counter applies +2% damage to what the player successfully counters
  • Tilt
    • Up: Slice from bottom to top -> 5% total damage
    • Forward: Strike Raid -> 3% total damage
    • Down: Slide
  • Smash:
    • Up:Air Counter Hit -> Forward Strike x2, Strike from below into air (7-11% total damage) 7% sour spot, 11% sweet spot
    • Forward: Magic (Fire, Blizzard, Thunder -> Longer it’s held, it transforms into the -ara, -aga forms)
    • Down: Trinity Circle Attack
  • Roll: Dodge Roll
  • Throw:
    • Down: Grab + Throw down
    • Up: Light throw up + keyblade hit up
    • Back: Throw + Strike Raid throw (kill throw at 90%)
    • Forward throw: Grab + Push + Keyblade Strike
  • Taunts:
    • Up: “That’s the Power of the Keyblade!”
    • Forward/Back/Side: Keyblade Spin
    • Down: Keyblade to Shoulder, Back turn
  • Final Smash: Trinity Circle, leading to Sora dual wielding Keyblades: Oathkeeper and Ultima. Omnislash-like Sequence followed by a laser that shoots an enemy hurtling off-stage
  • Alternative Outfits: Anti Sora, Red Outfit Sora, Silver Outfit Sora, Yellow Outfit Sora, Blue Outfit Sora, Roxas, Ventus


4. Honorable Mention: Advanced Wars Character (Male, Female Alternative Costumes)

  • Style: Projectile, Weapon
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Jab: Smack with butt of gun, combo: Smack with butt of gun, to swipe sideways with gun, followed by a burst of shots
  • Air Attack:
    • Neutral: Spinning Back Punch
    • Up: Kick Up
    • Back: Back kick
    • Forward: Forward Punch
  • Tilt :
    • Up: Spinning Punch Up
    • Forward: Semi burst rounds
    • Down: Straight Shot Bazooka Shot
  • Smash Attacks:
    • Up: Heavy Wrench Uppercut
    • Forward: Platoon Burst Round
    • Down: C4 + Explosion
  • B Button/Special:
    • Up: Mortar Strike
    • Forward: Tank artillery shot (longer the smash is held, more damage)
    • Down: Air strike pinpointing the last known placement of the enemies (or enemies) (takes 1.5-2 seconds to hit)
  • Roll: Dodge Roll
  • Throw:
    • Up:  Grab, throw up + semi-burst shot
    • Forward: Grab, throw forward + grenade through
    • Backward: Grab+ Spin, Throw Back + Tank Shot
    • Down: Grab, Throw Down, C4 + Detonate
  • Taunts:
    • Up: Jump up in the air, fist up
    • Forward: A smile and thumbs up
    • Down: Arms crossed, and a smile
  • Alternative Costumes: Grit, Eagle, Isabelle, Tasha
  • Final Smash: Player in tank and controls movement + shots, occasional bomb drops from jets


5. Joke Character: Merchant

  • Style: Projectile/Ranged
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Jab: Karate Chop, Palm Out (What are ya buying?) Combos into side to side chops (as if showing what he has on display)
  • Air Attack:  
    • Neutral Air:  Coat Whip (Paralyzer + 2 seconds)
    • Up: Random Item that Launches
    • Forward: Coin Flick
    • Back: Back hand (As if asking for money)
  • Tilt :
    • Up: Thumbs up
    • Forward: Coat opens, looks like he’s pulling something out to show opponent but smacks the opponent
    • Down: Duck, but kick
  • B Button/Specials:
    • Neutral: Pulls out random weapon (Gun, Bow and Arrows, etc.) that’ll be fired within two seconds of pulling out
    • Up:  Mortar Strike
    • Forward: Coat Opens, Grenade, Missile rush out
    • Down: Double Hop Back
  • Smash:
    • Up:  Mine explodes underneath opponent
    • Forward: Chainsaw Stab
    • Down: Hammer Smash
    • Roll: Dodge Roll
  • Throw:
    • Up: Grab +  Up Throw
    • Forward: Grab + Forward Throw
    • Backward: Grab+ Back Throw
    • Down: Grab + Down Throw +Body Slam
  • Taunts:
    • Up: Will that be all you’re getting?
    • Forward: Only the best deals for my favorite customah’s!
    • Down: What are ya buying?
  • Final Smash: Pulls Opponent Close, Opens Coat to show opponent what’s REALLY underneath the coat. Sends them flying offstage




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